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If you have been attracted by simple but addictive games, then you should consider trying Tap Busters: Galaxy Heroes. Because this game will take you hours for only pressing onto the phone screen. Tap Busters is released by Game Alliance, an Android game developer with a wide range of genres. The most popular product is the Siege Titan War. Today, we are going to take a look at this new game. You guy can download Tap Busters: Galaxy Heroes Mod APK below. Have fun!

Tap Busters: Galaxy Heroes Mod APK download latest/Update

The plot of the game: Far Far Away, in a monster-infested Galaxy, on a planet whose inhabitants still believe in the story where good defeats evil, and Hero born … Tap Busters are heroes! They hunt bounties and villains. They eradicate planetary monster invasions … You will be a Tap Busters with the task of destroying all the wanted enemies and bring peace to the Galaxy. Players will be traveling in the Galactic Empire, trying to protect their home planet from a space war.

Tap Busters: Galaxy Heroes Mod Features:

  • 1 HIT
  • God Mode
  • High Gold Reward
  • Active x2 Gold
  • No Cost Energy Upgrade
  • No CD Skill

Simple gameplay

Tap game is one of the simplest types of games you can see. The gameplay only requires the player to touch the screen repeatedly to attack the enemy or do everything else. You can completely play the game with a finger. Your Heroes will also be supported by a Minions Companion. Besides giving out the tutorial, they can also attack enemies. Like Heroes, you can also upgrade your Minions.

Tap Busters is an action simulation game that uses a “touch” mechanism to coordinate most of the games. Players will touch their characters to attack or to fight against. You can also upgrade your skills, use skills, or even collect random prizes on the screen.

The simulation elements of the game

In addition to addictive gameplay, Tap Busters also brings elements of an RPG game with the ability to collect items while fighting, using gold to upgrade your character’s equipment such as Armor, Shield, Dance You can also increase the strength of the character through each level.

The impressive graphics

In addition, the graphics feature is another highlight when it was Noper, one of the top 200 artists in the world, personally sketched. Graphics in the game are detailed and colorful. The number of monsters in all shapes and sizes will not make the player boring. You will feel the fierce battle in the game through the beautiful visual effects. Moreover, if you are looking for an interesting and engaging storyline, then Tap Busters will probably satisfy you.


Tap Busters has simple gameplay, which the players have to do is touch the screen to attack enemies. If you are interested in this game, you can visit the address below to download the game to experience. Tap Busters: Galaxy Heroes is a free game that comes with an in-app purchase system, allows players to buy a few items in real money. The latest mod version of Tap Busters Galaxy Heroes is available at the link below.


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