Tank Stars

Tank Stars – shoot and win the tank battle!

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Tank Stars – shoot and win the tank battle!

Tank Stars is a game that allows players to control the most modern tanks in World War II, engage in clashes and destroy all opponents before your eyes.

Referring to the coordinates shooting games, we cannot ignore an extremely famous game called Tank Stars of Playgendary publisher. Currently, the game is available on both iOS and Android platforms, you can download it to your device for free.

Tank Stars

How to play Tank Stars is that you have to control your tank solo with other tanks on a fierce battlefield, where victory is only for the most talented and brave gunner. This game has turn-based gameplay, that is, when it is your turn, you have to adjust the force and direction of the tank and then watch the enemy’s tank destroyed. It is very dangerous if you miss because by then it will be the opponent’s turn, they can destroy you at any time.

In addition to the conventional bullets, you can activate missiles to attack enemies. However, this feature is only used once per match so you can only use it when absolutely necessary. Your task is simple: destroy all enemies to win. Simple gameplay helps players easily manipulate on the small screen of a phone, because the game does not require you to do complex manipulations.

Tank Stars

In Tank Stars, players will experience the most advanced fighting machines in World War II. You can unlock different types of tanks with a variety of colors. The arsenal of the game is also very diverse with types of bullets such as french, thermonuclear bomb, nuclear bomb, … will make you feel excited. Do not forget to upgrade your tanks to make them stronger and better defended against enemy attacks.

If you like simple games, Tank Stars is a perfect choice. Unlike World of Tanks, this game has 2D-based graphics and has been minimalist in every detail. Gentle graphics, easily compatible with many different types of phones, can run smoothly on low-profile phones. The simple and intuitive interface is scientifically designed, suitable for mobile screens.

Tank Stars

In Offline mode, you have to fight with the tanks controlled by the Machine. They have the ability to shoot very accurately so you are not allowed to miss. This is the mode to help you practice your marksmanship. Moreover, when playing this mode, you will earn a lot of money and the opportunity to unlock many different types of tanks.

However, I usually play in Online mode, where you can challenge any player around the world. Beat them and climb to the top of the rankings. In particular, you can tell which players are from which country to go to the United States on their tanks.

Tank Stars

Some key features of Tank Stars:

  • Fun shooting game coordinates.
  • Various arsenal, many types of tanks.
  • Simple 2D graphics, intuitive interface.
  • Real-time online PvP mode.
  • Play with friends.
  • Compact capacity.

Basically, Tank Stars is a great entertainment game this summer. Victory or death. Are you ready to participate in the fascinating battle in this game?

Link Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.playgendary.tanks


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