Tank Heroes - Tank Games,Tank Battle Now

Tank Heroes  –  Modern World of Shooting

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Tank Heroes  –  Modern World of Shooting

Tank Heroes – Tank Games is a new and exciting action game from UP STUDIO, which is a new game maker but has been very successful with their quality products. This game is definitely a special idea from tanks. These will no longer be traditional tanks, but they have been redone to bring even more interesting experience. In the game, you will fight and confront smart enemies with a variety of majestic weapons.

Tank Heroes - Tank Games,Tank Battle Now

Tank Heroes – Tank Games is the game of the majestic tactical wars. In which, you will have the opportunity to control the participating tanks in intense matches. The player’s mission will be to use the weapon to attack and defeat the opponent. In the battle, you have to adjust the angle of the weapon and make the correct shot to take down the enemy very quickly. The battle will end when your health bar or opponent goes to zero. When you win, you will have the opportunity to receive valuable rewards such as money, diamonds and weapon upgrade cards.

In Tank Heroes – Tank Games, controls will be quite simple. On the left, it will be the key to move the tank. You will only be able to take a short turn during each attack. On the right, there will be a key for you to adjust the direction of the shot. You need to drag it exactly. In addition, you can also change many different types of ammunition to suit each battle terrain.

Tank Heroes - Tank Games,Tank Battle Now

Besides, there are some tips to help players play better are in each of your plays. For example, if the enemy has determined your position, you should move immediately to hide and seek advantage. Don’t forget to notice the power and angle of the shot that appears next to the tank whenever you are about to shoot. Those parameters will help you a lot for the next shot. If you can find other tips to win, please share it with everyone.

Tank Heroes – Tank Games has many interesting game modes. Gamers can step by step enjoy and experience them with lots of fun moments. Currently, there are three main game modes include Single, Ranking Battlefield and Vs Friend.

Single: This is a single player mode, in which you can only play alone. This mode will take you to battle with smart AIs. They will help you discover the weapons of tanks and attractive prizes.

Ranking Battlefield: This is the most interesting and favourite mode. In which, you will compete with many players around the world to gain a high position in the rankings of the game. The competition of this mode is very high which requires players to have many skills.

Vs Friend: As its name suggests, you can invite friends to play with you. In which, you need to play 25 matches in Single or Ranking Battlefield mode to be able to unlock this mode. This mode promises to bring a lot of fun to all players.

Tank Heroes - Tank Games,Tank Battle Now

Currently, Tank Heroes – Tank Games also grant players to possess 5 different types of tanks, each of which will have different looks and abilities. To get new tanks, you will need to spend small amounts to buy them. However, the fact that you own the tank is not as important as how you upgraded them. In the battle, you should pay attention to collect tank cards and increase levels for tanks.

In addition, each tank has 6 different types of bullets. These types of bullets will have a unique power. You can only discover them through a long battle and research. That will create a strategy for this fascinating game. Of course, players can also collect more weapons cards to enhance the power of these types of bullets. Players can upgrade in a maximum of 5 stars.

Upgrade your Tanks. Strengthen your weapon. Become the Tank Heroes, are you ready?
Tank heroes features:

– Easy to operate tanks,
– Various cool tank weapons,
– Dozens of different Tanks,
– Exiting graphics for tankers to battle tanks,
– Best arcade game ever in tank games.

Tank Heroes - Tank Games,Tank Battle Now

Overall, Tank Heroes – Tank Games is one of the fascinating games in the tank war category. It will definitely bring a lot of fun to all players who want to enjoy intellectual tacticle matches. Don’t forget to leave your review if you feel this game interesting. Thanks and have a fun game!


Link Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/detailsid=tank.battle.droid.stars.tankgames.games.masters.casual




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