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Tango 5 is MOBA mobile game for Android and iOS. But it is a little bit different from the tradition that brings you unique characteristics. Introduced by Nexon at G-Star last year, but until now, the developer has decided to release an English version of Tango 5: The Last Dance. Earlier, the game also debuted on the App Store and Google Play in Korea lately.

Tango 5: The Last Dance APK (Mod Money/full unlocked) for Android

For those who do not know, Tango 5: The Last Dance is a MOBA mobile game. But unlike traditional games, this mobile game brings SRPG with a lot of movement on the battlefield. The point is the extremely competitive 5vs5 mode, in which players need to capture and gain strategic points to advance to the final victory.

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Before the launch, Tango 5 was also recognized by the experts as “extraordinary” work of Nexon and includes all the elements that a great mobile game requires. Tango 5 (Mod Money) will give the player one of 16 different characters, each with its own unique fighting style and abilities. With real-time battles, players only need to well use character skills at the right time and properly align Cold-Down times to defeat all enemies.

Tango 5: The Last Dance has a unique gameplay and team spirit if you want to win. The player battles 5vs5 in a confined battlefield. There are 3 strategic locations that require teams to fight and defeat enemies to occupy that position. If you win a position but lose the control of the opposing team, you lose control of the position. Also, on the battlefield there are set “potions” in different locations, players can use it to recover a certain amount of blood. At the end of 99 seconds of play, the team has won more strategic positions, the team will win.

Also, after each turn, the players have to wait for the cooldown time to move forward. Remember, every match lasts only 99 seconds, so players need to carefully calculate as well as cooperate with their teammates to win.

The impressive point in Tango 5 Mod apk is the interaction between the character and the surrounding terrain, the position of the character will greatly affect the accuracy of attacking the enemy as well as the vision of the team. From the sudden attack from the enemy, In addition, Tango 5 will have three attractive game modes with specific goals such as seize the gates, battle deathmatch and destroy the entire opponent to win.

The English version of the game has been released wide world. Readers who want to download need to have a Google Play app store account and App Store account. Or you can download Tango 5: The Last Dance APK file below.


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