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You are surely familiar with Tom in My Talking Tom. When joining My Talking Tom, players do the very simple tasks such as feeding, talking, caressing. Now, you can completely be experienced more new feeling with Tom when being controlled surfing moto to join the race with other players around the world.

Talking Tom Jetski 2 was released by Outfit7 Limited. The previous version has been very successful with over 50 million downloads on the Play Store and Appstore. So Talking Tom Jetski 2 was released, it is in the process of Sort Launch in Canada. You can read this article to see the way to download Talking Tom Jetski 2.

Join the amazing race

In Talking Tom Jetski 2, the player will travel with Tom to explore the tropical islands through Jetski races with other players. Your main task is controlling the characters moving on a Jetski, overcoming the obstacles along the way, collecting gold coins… You need to control your Jetski to move fastest to reach the top first and get the highest score.

Talking Tom Jetski 2 allows players to experience a wide range of play from easy to difficult. After each round, you will have the opportunity to receive the amazing gifts. One of the main points of the game is that the more you play, the more difficult it will be. In addition, there are more opponents in the race, requiring the most controllable skills for winning the final.

Dodge Obstacles

There is one thing that can stop you from winning is the obstacles on the water, which randomly appears and you have to control the characters to avoid them, some minor obstacles such as wood pieces or floats. You can hit them directly to pass through. But with big wooden crates or rocks, with just a slight touch, your Jetski will be destroyed and you have to play again. When impacting obstacles, the speed of Jetski will be reduced, so you need to minimize collision with the surroundings. You need to move Jetski to collect gold and get to the destination as fast as possible.

Beat Opponents and Upgrade your Jetski

In Talking Tom JK 2, your opponent will be anyone in the world of Outfit. They can be Angela, Ben … The race in the game takes place in real time, which helps you will play with other players around the world. The opponents will be selected randomly, but it still ensures the balance of the game. The characters in the race will move totally independent, which means that you cannot influence your opponent to make them overtake Jetski or slow down opponents, which may not be a good in Talking Tom Jetski 2. If it is possible to allow players compete and effect to each other, the race will be more interesting.

By joining the game, you will only be able to control the Tomcat from the beginning. If you want to use other characters, you will have to unlock them by buying with Diamonds. The price is a little bit expensive. To unlock all the characters, the number of diamonds that you pay is a bit much. Here is a list of the characters you can unlock in the game:

  • Ben And Ben’s Science Lab: 4000 Diamonds
  • Ginger and Ginger’s Sandcastle: 1500 Diamonds
  • Hank and Hank’s Surf Shark: 800 Diamonds
  • Angela and Angela’s Beach Resort: 400 Diamonds

There is a quick way to complete this: Buying the Diamond Packs in the Shop :). The Jetski types in the game are plentiful. They are evaluated based on two factors: Max Speed and Acceleration. You can buy Jetski in the shop or get them by opening Chest.

Build your own Camp

If you ask for Gold function in the game, this is the answer. In addition to using to upgrade Jetski, you can use the Gold to buy and build the buildings and put them in your campsite. The game offers quite a lot of works that you can build and upgrade. The gold you have to spend will be much. For each character you unlock, the camping area will be changed: Ben has a Science Lab, Ginger has a Sandcastle, Hank has Surf Shark and Angela has Beach Resort. The buildings or decorations in each camp will not be the same.

Easy Control and Great graphics

Like the last version, Talking Tom Jetski 2 has a simple character control system. With a finger, you can touch anywhere on the screen, swipe your finger to the right or left to move Jetski for avoiding the obstacles, or you can swipe up to make a jump or twirl…

Talking Tom Jetski 2 has beautiful 3D graphics, which is more lively than other Tomcat sessions. The character is still very impressive and familiar. You will be able to meet all the familiar characters in the Talking Tom including Tom Cat, Angela, Hank, Ben or Ginger … The surrounding coastline is designed very nice with mainly creative colors for the viewer. In addition, when participating in the game, players also have the opportunity to see many special welcome gates at the end of each race. Music in the game is full of fun and exciting atmosphere.

How to download?

As mentioned, currently, Talking Tom Jetski 2 is being soft-launched only in Canada, so you will not be able to find games on the Play Store or Appstore without using a Canadian account. We will show you how to download Talking Tom Jetski 2 simply and successfully.


If you have played the first version of the game, Talking Tom Jetski 2 will be a compelling sequel, which you should not miss. Outfit7 has added a lot of new and exciting features for you to explore in Talking Tom Jetski 2. In addition, the game is now available for free download on Android/iOS operating system, which enabling gamers to be ready to download and play games at any time.


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