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For those who are the fans of RPG games, a series of Tales games with plenty of versions in more than 20 years from Japan is undoubtedly familiar. Those epic games have never been released on mobile devices, which is such a pity for gamers around the world. Finally, Bandai Namco has recently launched one version called Tales of the Rays on Android platform. Therefore, gamers can experience this legendary game right on their phones now.

Tales of the Rays Mod APK – a classic Tales RPG game for Android

In Tales of the Rays, the context is based on the world named Tir na Norg, which has an infinite power source thanks to advanced molecular technology. For this reason, Tir na Norg is the target of an evil force who wants to destroy all on the way. Therefore, you will play the role of characters like Ickx Neve and so on to save this world.

Tales of the Rays offers the gameplay that looks similar to the Tales main series of games. This game is being billed as a console quality game, so it means that you can easily play on the go. Firstly, you form a group of four characters and take control of the first member. You have to fight in multiple quests and direct your characters towards enemies by using the left side of the screen. And you use the right side of the screen to attack enemies. The blue bars at the bottom of it show a number of health points of characters and the yellow one is a number of skills.

For a game which is designed for mobile devices like Tales of the Rays, it has extremely unique and beautiful graphics. It can be said that gamers haven’t played such a wonderful game with super impressive graphics for a long time. While playing the game, you can enjoy lively animations and 3D action with Cel-Shading effects.

Main features of Tales of the Rays for Android:

  • Do the battles with the same quality as console games.
  • Explore massive dungeons with plenty of treasures and worlds by getting the full RPG experience when fighting against monstrous enemies.
  • Experience a real Tales game with familiar features like Linear Motion Battle System and stories told through animations.
  • Real in-depth plots with genuine conversations between characters.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use controls.
  • Super impressive graphics and fully animated scenes with classical music.


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