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After the success of the last two seasons, SnailGame has recently introduced another version from the popular Taichi Panda series of simulation games. The new game is called Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter and will be a big expansion MMORPG created by the 3rd generation Flexi Engine. This is a powerful graphics technology from  SnailGames promising to perform the graphics much better than the previous version.

Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter Mod APK latest for Android

Taichi Panda 3 adopts the 3rd generation Flexi engine technology combined with NVIDIA physical graphics and Metal Scene sharpness, in-game graphics can outperform many other MMOs. Integration of new features such as player mount, PVP aerial combat, Snail Games to provide players with a completely new mobile MMO experience.

The plot of the Dragon Hunter has a new point in the mainland Avzar, where the two forces are confronted and fighting with each other. On one side is the Panda Alliance, where justice and freedom are at the forefront. They fight for peace on the continent. On the other side, the Lion Empire favors power and violence, believing that the king’s crown always belongs to the mightiest. Both forces have different characters and styles to choose from before embarking on their adventure.

The Panda Alliance offers Swordsman, Healer, Rune Mage and Scout, whose headquarter is in a magnificent city of graceful Eastern architecture. Meanwhile, the characters in the Lion Empire are Berserker, Priest, Ice Mage and Scout neutral, with bases housed in towering medieval castles. The open world map in Dragon Hunter is one of the highlights of the game, which is 150 times bigger than the original, giving you an enjoyable experience for the player. With the goal of giving gamers an all-new gaming experience, the English version of Taichi Panda 3 Mod APK adds a number of unique and exciting features, such as the mount system, PvP … Make sure whether you are a new gamer or someone who is familiar with the series will find it interesting.

Riding the pet system is one of the most interesting features of Dragon Hunter, players can hunt thousands of monsters in the game from the great bronze ways to the dark caves, the sky, and the sea. Each type of monster will change shape as well as skill set when successfully tame, promising to be the right hand for the player in the fierce battle.

The plot will be based on Taichi Panda 1 and 2, which open up the game context in the Eastern and Western cultures and the specific classes of the two regions.

Key features of Taichi Panda 3:

  • 1:1 map design works based on the culture of each region.
  • 7 races
  • Players can jump freely and go to the buildings.
  • The fighting mechanism: just moves and fight.
  • Fighting on mounts and air.
  • Free outdoors hunting
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