Swipe Shootout: Street Basketball Mod

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Swipe Shootout: Street Basketball for Android is an attractive game. It is easy to play, fun and stress-free shooter game with simple addictive gameplay. Unlike most basketball games, Swipe Shootout: Street Basketball for Android does not have the task of managing the team, setting up a complex basketball team that only lets players comfortably use their fingers to throw the ball into the basket. The gameplay is simple but we are sure you will find it really relaxing when you join this game.

Swipe Shootout: Street Basketball Mod APK (Mod Coin) download latest for Android

Swipe Shootout: Street Basketball for Android is actually the most relaxing basketball game ever seen on mobile. The player just swipes his finger from left to right to throw the ball. Make a great pitch by swiping in different directions. Swipe Shootout: Street Basketball (Mod APK) offers a variety of game modes for players from easy to difficult. Practice mode is a great place to improve your finger-balling skills or experience boredom or simply relieve stress when making throws into the basket. Playing in arcade mode and score the highest score to climb to the top of the rankings. Beating obstacles and passing all levels in challenging mode when you want to master Swipe Shootout: Street Basketball for Android. In addition, players can also invite friends to compete with on the same device in the dual mode.

Swipe Shootout: Street Basketball for Android supports the player to use a lot of uniquely designed balls including basketball, volleyball, tennis balls, football, soccer balls. Animals: dogs, cats, monkeys … Progress through each level, players will unlock more stadium with a lot of interesting insides.

Key features of Street Basketball APK:

  • Simple gameplay.
  • Multiplayer: Challenges, Arcade, 2 Players, Practice
  • You can unlock many playgrounds and balls of all shapes
  • Integrate Google Play Game Service with many compelling achievements.
  • Local and global charts.
  • No Wi-Fi connection required.

Swipe Shootout: Street Basketball APK Gameplay:


Swipe Shootout: Street Basketball APK for android contains advertisements and purchase packages. IAP package is optional. To prevent unexpected purchases, players can confirm purchases in Google Play. In addition, viewing ads using the Internet may charge for mobile data based on the subscription plan. You should contact your service provider for details

Global rankings are provided by Google Play Game Services. To use this service, your device needs to be connected to the network and registered for a Google Play account. Players can log in or exit Google Play Game in the high score menu. Automatically upload scores to the leaderboard when the player logs in. If you do not want to upload this data, exit Google Play Games Services in the high score menu. Generally, Swipe Shootout: Street Basketball Mod Gold is the perfect basketball game for mobile players thanks to its attractive gameplay. The game is currently available for $ 1.99, but you can download the game’s APK file for free via the link below.


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