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Survivor Royale continues to bring PUBG Mobile to gamers, for the 100 survivors fighting to the very middle of the gigantic map.
The apk file size of Survivor Royale is 50MB, but the extraction of resources will be up to 500MB, so you need to prepare enough memory to install the game. The game has officially released for free download on the Play Store.

Download Survivor Royale Mod APK (Unlimited Resources/Armor) latest/update

Survivor Royale Mod apk is a mobile survival game created by NetEase. The game is considered to be the most common game with PUBG today. Current Survivor Royale has been widely released on iOS and Android.
PUBG storm is dominating the game world and Mobile is no exception. Right now, a series of Battle Royale games are taking over the world’s bunkers with Bullet Strikes, Free Fire, Knives Out or Rules of Survival. Most of these titles are available under control of NetEase with great gameplay and graphics. But NetEase does not want to stop. They continue to release a super-product on both Android and iOS for gamers of PUBG on mobile.
Survival Royale is the game after a period of time when the battle for Android was officially released on iOS. From now on any mobile player can download Survival Royale mod for free and experience it right now.
Initially, all players started without weapons, forcing everyone to parachute into the island and find and pick up randomly scattered weapons through different areas of the house. While moving in the battle, you can collect equipment for using various types of vehicles such as cars and ships.

Survivor Royale Mod features:

  • Mod Unlimited resources
  • Full unlocked
  • Infinity Armor

In fact, Survival Royale is a remaking version of Knives Out known in the Chinese market as Terminator 1. However, this upgrade gives gamers a new interface and server system more stable, providing a better quality experience for the gaming community. Most of the game graphics are also tweaked in color, increasing the contrast to help players locate enemies easier.
With the internal sources of Knives Out / Terminator 1, Survival Royale still brings gamers a large map, in which 100 players can play together. The goal of the game is to find the last survivor and advance your observation skills, move as well as take advantage of opportunities at all times. Survival Royale also possesses good 3D graphics, giving players a vivid view of the model in great detail.

Recommended configuration

Note: To play Survivor Royale players need to have a memory of 3GB or more. The download speed of Survivor Royale is 50MB, but the extraction of resources will be up to 500MB, so you need to prepare enough memory to install the game.
Do not wait too long, readers can enjoy Survival Royale Mod by downloading free games directly below.


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