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Survival Island: Evolve Pro MOD APK for Android

In the survival game genre, Survival Island: Evolve Pro is a simple, easy-to-play and high-ranking game on the current game chart. You will be starting an adventure when joining this game.


Survival Island: Evolve Pro is released by the makers, Pride games Studio – this is a survival game dedicated to the mobile platform, which is released for free on iOS and Android. The story begins when you are in danger on a fallow island. The player has to find food, use original items to survive, search for hidden places, fight with dangers and find the way home.

Simple gameplay

When you start the game, the system will play a video to show you the cause that you are on this island. Besides, there are the display boards that guide players to perform basic activities such as getting up, running, or crawling.

At the left-hand button, you will be able to adjust the character’s direction. At the beginning of the game, you will be given a box containing two wooden, one rope, eight stones, and two water buckets.
On the top left corner of the screen, there will be the map and determine the direction for you, players need to choose the safe direction to avoid the dangers.

The top right, there are the icons of blood, food, drinks. And at the bottom, they are the items that are equipped for you. On the way out, the system will give players the ability to collect items, food or drinks. For example, in some trees, it is possible to collect wood, apples, sugarcane, leaves, etc. Your task is to find tools and materials to make the necessary items such as the hammer, axe, knives, arrows, wood for building houses, building hiding places.

When the parameters in the food and drink reducing, you need to supply the necessary things to the body to avoid the hungry. If you do not have any food, drink yourself to explore the island and get back.
When you have earned some items, you will need to press the “Inventory” icon on the left to make the necessary items.

On the right side, there are different items that make up different tools to help the player to visualize. For example, if you want to create an ax, you need 2 wooden slats and 4 stones. It will take a while to create, while the player continues to explore the island collecting items. When you have created the item you want, you need to assemble the body, let your character hold and continue to collect resources. With an axe, you can cut trees for larger logs. Each tool will have a different purpose, which will allow the player to survive on the island.

Weapon and manufacturing features.

You should create knives and other tools to aid in getting meat and food for yourself in Survival Island: Evolve Pro. At each stage or resource extraction, it will be necessary to use a different kind of auxiliary equipment, which players can easily replace. After levelling up, and familiar with the gameplay, they began to collect more tools, and materials to build houses, as the refuge. You can design and build your house then continue the process of living on the island, upgrade the house, build more new homes, and earn more food, drinks.

Graphics and sound

Survival Island: Evolve Pro (Mod) is designed with very nice 3d graphics, and very sharp. The image quality is clear and high quality, creating a sense of closeness to the user.
At the beginning of the game, you will be introduced as a prehistoric person, using primitive tools, conquering beasts, or looking for food. Graphic design is very real and vivid to help players experience the most interesting game in the real world. The sound is also lively, and close, giving players no sense of boredom.


If you want to experience the feeling of surviving, returning to the primitive ancient, self-seeking survival, you should not miss playing the attractive game, Survival Island: Evolve Pro Mod APK.


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