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Suru for Android gives users a new Ubuntu Touch style icon package. Suru for Android with a lot of high-resolution icons, all sorts of color themes make your smartphone more alive. If you want to experience these icons on Ubuntu Touch devices, the Suru for Android utility is a great choice to help you realize your desires.

Suru for Android with huge icon depot (over 650 icons) and continuously updating. Each icon in Suru for Android is designed with high resolution and supports customization following your screen resolution.

Suru for Android APK download

Random tips: If you lost your phone, use SeekDroid: Find My Phone to locate and retrieve your phone, increasing your chances of finding your phone. Advantages of this app are the ability to lock and erase data on your phone remotely to secure your information. With the Suru for Android icon pack, you can substitute icons with no themes on your device. Besides, each is available with changes that make it easy to customize.

STEALTH Icon Pack is also a utility with the same features, STEALTH – Icon Pack provides you many icons, and unique interface with the design using the combination between color and the dark for your space fanciful on the mobile device. Additionally, if you want to experience the icons in the style of the iPhone, the Flui IOS icon pack is a great choice for you. The icon pack of the Flui IOS icon pack includes 700 beautiful icons. You can use the download and installation of your phone anytime. In addition, the update feature allows you to find new icons to replace the older icons on your device.

Suru for Android Main Features:

  • Change the icon style like Ubuntu Touch.
  • Over 650 icons and regularly updating.
  • High-resolution icons with many vibrant color themes.
  • Easy to customize and replace


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