Super Brawl Universe 1

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Super Brawl Universe Accompany the iconic characters from Nickelodeon’s most famous animation programs and fight to defeat the opponent in the top-notch arcade action game Super Brawl Universe. Super Brawl Universe is a game inspired by cartoon characters of Nickelodeon.
Nickelodeon is an American cable and satellite TV channel. The channel’s main programs are television series for teenagers, especially many popular animation series such as The Loud House, Nella the Princess Knight and SpongeBob SquarePants. Not only that, Nickelodeon also encroached into the game market with fun games that the heroes are typical cartoon characters such as TMNT: Rooftop Run, PAW Patrol Pups Take Flight or Sky Whale,…

Super Brawl Universe 1

Super Brawl Universe Apk Mod

Coming to the Super Brawl Universe game, you will meet and get together with celebrities from Nickelodeon’s most famous animation programs to take part in a battle of action.
In the Super Brawl Universe, take great moves and tactics with legendary cartoon characters like: SpongeBob, Invader Zim, Kid Danger, Danny Phantom,… and many other characters to fight. Defeat your opponents at the Krusty Krab, Loud House, Avatar Air Temple and many other incredible locations.
Join the Super Brawl tournament, gather an invincible squad and fight your way to the top of the Super Brawl Universe game world

Super Brawl Universe 1

Outstanding features of Super Brawl Universe game:

Super Brawl Universe 1

Build your dream army
– Recruiting the old and newest characters from Nickelodeon’s animation programs.
– Collect slime to upgrade your boxers into heroes that cannot be defeated.
– Combine your favorite characters to form a dream army! Team will include SpongeBob, Avatar Aang and one of the members of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Or will it be Korra, Lincoln Loud and Arnold? You are the decision maker.
– Many new characters will be added in the future.

Join the tournament
– Fight your way through Story mode and win first place in the Super Brawl tournament. After that, challenge your skills by confronting other players in spectacular 1v1 and 3v3 matches.
– Compete with gamers from all over the world and climb the top spot of online rankings.
– The higher your rankings, the better the rewards will be! Collect rare characters to dominate the competition and build a Super Brawl Universe Super Brawl Universe army.
Users can test their skills against other teams from around the world by tense one-on-one or three-on-one matches, competing in weekly events to climb the rankings, receive Reward, earn rare characters and collect materials to upgrade your squad to become invincible.
Participating in the game’s antagonistic arena, users need to learn special action combos and know when to use them for maximum advantage. There are many, but the things that exist are very important if you want to put it into the top of the best players, from light attacks, defenses to specific special skills of each character.

Super Brawl Universe collects personal user data as well as non-personal user data (including aggregated data) and connects with 3rd party social media applications. used under applicable law, such as COPPA. User data can be used, for example, to meet user requirements; allowing users to take advantage of certain features and services; personalize content and advertising; and manage and improve Nickelodeon’s services.
You have to note that Super Brawl Universe provides in-app purchases and real cash for additional content in the app. You can lock this feature by adjusting in the device’s settings.


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