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To bring the movie excitement and mystery experience, Netflix’s mobile game Stranger Things has been released for free on Play Store.

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Stranger Things: The Game is a game released by BonusXP and Netflix, which has a classic Pixel adventure. It is based on the popular horror movie of the same name on previous Netflix channel. In addition, Stranger Things: The Game is a completely free game without the ad or in-app purchase.

Stranger Things is a popular TV series based on the Netflix Channel, set in the 1980s in the peaceful Hawkins town. But with the sudden disappearance of masses of children and the myriad of mysteries that had taken place, it was unlikely that the people had to find out the causes. It can be said that these exciting moments will be performed again in mobile games Stranger Things. When the game is set in the 16-bit style of the old PC games, with the top view down. The easily rotating camera system helps you to cover your vision and find even the smallest clues that bring out the best of the 80s in the movie.

Background of Stranger Things

The game starts at a lab in Hawkins town, where players will follow Hopper on the journey of finding the missing children. The longer the journey, the more new characters players you will meet. Each character has his/her own special skills, which is quite useful when confronted with an enemy or to overcome some obstacles.

In addition, players have to decipher any riddles that the game offers, research the optimal solution to defeat the enemy without being detected or killed. Surely, the difficulty of the challenge will be to increase, requiring players to have a certain level of skill and ability to deal with.

Control your character

The game is divided into different sections, with each section, players have to control a different character in the series. The player will begin to explore the secrets of the town and solve the kidnapping by interacting with the characters and the items in the game. By clicking on the screen, you can open doors, ransack or attack enemies on your way.

In addition, the game allows players to collect a lot of items scattered on the map, these items will help your character increase the index, or can also be used to unlock. Some other hidden features in the game.

Stranger Things: The game Mod APK features pixel-based graphics, and a classic, top-down view of the game, giving players a new and familiar experience. The plot of the game guides the player in chapters like the movie. Each chapter revolves around a certain character and has a total of six characters that the player can unlock and control.

Stranger Things: The Game Mod APK – Time to Download

For those who are fans of Stranger Things, certainly, they cannot ignore this attractive mobile game, which has released completely free for Android and IOS. It is absolutely free. There are no ads in the app or in-app purchase system. You only need to download Stranger Things mod apk then experience it.


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