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Storyboard is one of three new Google mobile launch apps. It is designed specifically for Android. This software will transform video into comics. It selects, organizes, and stylizes the frames taken from the video using experimental research technology from Google on your device.

Storyboard for Android uses computer vision, object recognition, and other advanced technologies to select the six most impressive moments from a video, process it into a photo, and place it on the same layout.

If you do not feel comfortable, you can swipe down to select a new story. According to Google, from 1 video, the app can generate up to 1.6 trillion different results for you.

How to use Storyboard for Android

  1. Download a video.
  2. Swipe down to refresh until you have a layout that you like.
  3. Click to share or save.

The Storyboard is an application based on the Google technology, so its performance may depend on your device. Users can support to complete the future app development by submitting comments at:


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