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Uploaded: October 16th, 2017
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StormFront 1944 is the latest Android game released by Gaea Mobile Studio, which is a defense game genre with familiar gameplay like Clash of Clans or Boom Beach. But you still have many interesting features of the game. The latest StormFront 1944 Mod APK is available for free at Apkgalaxy.

StormFront 1944 Mod APK unlimited Gold/Diamonds for Android

StormFront 1944 is set in WW2. You play the role of a commander with the task of leading your army against the enemies. As soon as you enter the game, you will be allowed to choose a country you want to join, including the USA, Germany Reich, Soviet Union, China, United Kingdom and Japan. You will manage a base surrounded by forests and other resources. In the beginning, players are given 1500 gold and 1500 type, touch the icon at the bottom of the screen to select the works you want. First of all, you have to build a Guard Post – this is the most basic building of the game with a defensive goal of providing 4 troop units. The evader will attack you as soon as you finish this building. Do not worry because they will quickly be knocked down by the building you have just built.

StormFront 1944 Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Diamond
  • Full unlocked/free shopping
  • No Root

You will wonder where units will be taken. Move to the right side of the base, you will see a set of buildings, the most outstanding are the Elite Rally Groud. Here, you can recruit elite troop by using gold coins, each unit will have different recruitment time. For example, I choose to recruit a Torch. It will take 5s and 450 gold. In general, gold in the game is quite hard to find, you can download StormFront 1944 mod full gold that we provide under the article.

When you have selected a certain number of troops, you will start your battle with other players as the mission is to bring troops to attack another base. The mechanism is quite similar to clash of clans that the mission is choosing a favorable location around the enemy base and dropping troops to completely destroy the enemy’s base and destroy the headquarters. Each attack will be limited to 4 minutes so you have to quickly use rational force to destroy the enemy base. Each time you win, you will receive gold, using them to upgrade your buildings.

There will be a lot of constructions that you can build, which will be unlocked according to the level of the player. In general, your mission is to revolve around the base building, recruiting troops, attacking the enemy or defense when attacked by other players.

StormFront 1944 Mod have a simple gameplay, which is suitable for new gamers. The StormFront 1944 mod version that we provide below will make it easier for you to complete the battles in the game.


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