Stickman Parkour Platform

Uploaded: January 10th, 2018
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Stickman Parkour Platform is a fun game that is free and simple but addictive. Your task is to control the runner to jump, climb, slide on the different backgrounds and collect as many stars as possible.

Stickman Parkour Platform Mod APK download for Android

Stickman Parkour Platform Game is designed as a scenery rolling platform. Stick character in the game Stickman Parkour Platform will move through different terrains with the main direction from left to right. The only goal is to collect the stars as much as possible. The game has 8 levels that are simply designed and each stage has a maximum of 20 stars.

Stickman Parkour Platform is very simple. You will see a circular joypad in the bottom left corner of the screen to adjust the direction and two function buttons to control the stick to jump or slide. As per the review on the website:, this system is very smooth and sensitive operation.

Each level will be different terrains for stickman to climb, slide, jump and collect stars. Along the way, there will also be many obstacles that you need to avoid or try to overcome, such as water holes, saw blade, sharp… If you die, you will be returned to the position before you die to perform again, not to play from the beginning. The number of stars you earned is also preserved. The journey ends when you reach the position at the end of the road.

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The levels of Stickman Parkour Platform for Android have no limit of time so players can calmly move around, think their way to get the most stars. If you miss the star, you can come back to collect it. The game is designed with simple graphics, with only a small stick. The path is the black lines on the bright background. However, it is this simplicity that brings comfort and gives the player more control over the stickman.

Key features of Stickman Parkour Platform Mod:

  • Stickman games are simple but fun and addictive.
  • The game levels are very fun. Each level has 20 stars and many obstacles.
  • Sensitive and smooth control system.
  • Controlling stickman to run, jump or climb up the vertical walls, slide on ramps…
  • Collecting stars as much as possible.

In general, the game is suitable for entertaining in the free or waiting time. Stickman Parkour Platform Mod APK is free, so you can download and enjoy it now.


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