Stickman jailbreak 6

Uploaded: December 18th, 2017
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Stickman jailbreak 6 is an attractive intellectual puzzle game, in which you will help Stickman escape from the jail. The game is the sequel to Stickman jailbreak series. It is available in Play Store and you can download now.

Stickman jailbreak 6 Mod APK (Full unlocked) for Android

Welcome to a new jailbreak plan in the sixth installment of the arcade escape game series. The task of the player is to help the stickman find a way out of the prison successfully.

After five escape times, whether successful escapes or not, the guy finally got stuck back in the jail. At this time, the guards will be more careful, the security system also more strict. However, the stickman is still thinking of the intention to find their own freedom and embark on a sixth escape plan.

In stickman jailbreak 6, there will be 10 different items for the player but they are hidden in a secret place. Some items will help you to win, but some will beat you. Try all the items and see the different scenarios! The funny game images attract the attention of players.

Freedom or death, it depends on you. In this place, many stickmen become mad because of excessive confinement. The police and prison guards will do everything possible to make the prisoners unable to escape the prison. You are waiting for a weapon and technical equipment to get out. Let’s get started now!

Stickman jailbreak 6 Mod APK is free for Android 2.3 phones and tablets.


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