Stickman Destruction 3 Annihilation

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Stickman Destruction 3 Annihilation is the sequel to the legendary stickman game. In this game, you will create terrible accidents with the car to make as much damage as possible. The game is built with classic simulation and ragdoll physics elements.

Stickman Destruction 3 Annihilation Mod APK for Android

Performs airborne phases that flicker and kill the enemy, either complete the task or die. Are you ready to act and break the rules of the physics? Each level of Stickman Destruction 3 Annihilation for Android includes new tricks and new accidents. Players can also change the new transportation means. Do you want to be the strongest stickman in the world? Can you survive the next risks? Can you beat and kill the opponent? All will be shown when you play the game.

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New accident options:

  • More traffic with different destructive powers.
  • New Heroes.
  • Many new locations, levels and different obstacles.
  • The new design makes the game more interesting.
  • The extreme crash has been with the ragdoll style.
  • The collision, collision extremely realistic.
  • Beautiful and elegant HD graphics.
  • Exclusive background music.
  • Fun gameplay and unique physics.

You will drive different cars, hit the stickman on the road, the wall and obstacles in front. You are not allowed to stop, players only accelerated and forward, destroy the most to win. If you miss a beat, you will lose a game. Stickman in the game can ride a bike, a bus, a sports car or even a tank.

Key features of Stickman Destruction 3:

  • Great game for fans of the stickman game.
  • Create a real hardcore with stickman.
  • Join and feel the actual destruction screen.
  • This is the best simulator game among free stickman games.
  • Speed up and crash into the ragdoll stickman.
  • Buy a new medium and create terrible destruction.
  • Unlock new levels.

Note: The in-game accidents are simulated by the fictional characters. Do not try this in real life!


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