Stick Z Fight

Stick Z Fight APK Mod

Uploaded:July 29th, 2019
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Stick Z Fight APK Mod

You get lost in the dark forest and face endless challenges
You must fight the 100 most powerful monsters on the planet
You use the ultimate skill and overcome countless challenges
Collect many items, you will get good weapons
Diverse task system
Smooth graphics, good performance, low battery consumption
Online and offline mode with friends

Of the 100 most powerful beasts on the planet, the Renga, with the blood of pink blood, weapons equipped with 10000 magic, high damage, and complementary, Renga is a worthy opponent for you.
Renga often transforms immeasurably, in addition to the power to destroy the Renga, there is a weakness that is slow movement speed, this is a weakness that needs to be exploited, you use the teleportation skill with the virtual move. Impermanence photos to hold Renga, finally use moves like Long Pan Prime, Maximize Evolution to destroy Renga.


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