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Stick War: Legacy for Android is a defense and strategy game with a familiar character which is stickman. Currently, it is among the top free games which are played the most on Google Play. It also gets excellent reviews from users around the world. Unlike previous stickman games, the game is highly defensive with an entirely different theme.

Stick War: Legacy Mod APK for Android

If you are probably too familiar with the games having funny stickman, Stick War: Legacy for Android is undoubtedly an excellent choice due to its huge differences with the same type of game. In the game, you will become a stickman fighting against the opposing forces who want to take over the land Inamorta. Being a leader of fighting armies, you will have to come up with special strategies to regain this beautiful land.

Stick War: Legacy is set within the world of Inamorta which is filled with a number of unique nations that are devoted to their own technology. Your role is to lead your own nation and combat against individual countries, getting their technology along the way.
In Stick War: Legacy mod apk, you are provided with a certain amount of residents and gold need to be mined to make money. Therefore, you have to balance between economy and army. There are four types of troops which include swordsmen, archers, spear tons and, mages. Each army has its own strength, so you need to select carefully to make sure that that army is the best and the most suitable troop to defend and attack. Before the conquest, try to build defensive strongholds to ensure your land is safe as well as prepare a powerful force protecting your nation.

Main features of Stick War: Legacy for Android:

  • Addictive and challenging stick game.
  • Lead and control your stick force in formations or play each unit.
  • Obtain technologies of other nations.
  • Build and upgrade your units to make them suitable for your strategies.
  • Play through 3 campaign difficulty levels and a tournament.
  • Straightforward and cartoony graphics help you fight quickly and smoothly.




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