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Uploaded: September 27th, 2019
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Stick Shadow: War Fight Vip is the fighting game of publisher Reed been, they have a number of fighting games notorious as.

The current outstanding fighting games are mostly developed towards typical role-playing
like Stick Shadow: War Fight or Stick Ninja games. You play as a warrior in a world full of death, the first task is to protect the people around you, In the game you learn skills to create weapons, build bases and destroy the zoombie. However in this xx game we will not go in that direction but instead is the bloody fighting game. You must have the strongest warriors to overcome the super difficult gates.


The game takes place in our future world being invaded by the planet namec. The mission is to master the warriors like Sayian. goku, cadic for complete protection.

How to play
Control your character to destroy ferocious monsters
Train mode helps you get acquainted with the characters
Each character has different tactics that force you to master them.

Overall, the fighting game style is completely new and attractive. The game enhances our solidarity and intelligence

Warriors, please join the game immediately.


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