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Stick Rage Street Fight 1 This version of Stickman is called Stick Rage: Street Fight, and it is here that World Brothers hopes this will be a version that takes the title of the series to the legendary level. Although it is impossible to know if it is the day, but Stick Rage: Street Fight has “completely shed” in the gameplay and makes this game different from other World Brothers products.

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Stick Rage Street Fight 1

Stick Rage: Street Fight is an interesting story, revolving around a lone young man on the way to eradicate evil, bring light and peace to his homeland.Stick Rage: Street Fight is a title game belongs to horizontal screen action category. The game is built on 2D graphics platform but still creates a relatively excellent image system. Image quality in the game is high resolution, sharp. The game doesn’t build too much detail, but basically the textures created are pretty eye-catching.

Stick Rage Street Fight 1
Although creating the character in the game is not too detailed and only appears as black shadows on the screen. But that is the highlight of the Stickman brand. And finally, every attack in the game is reproduced vividly and beautifully, creating a sense of excitement when fighting against players.

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