Stick Ninja Android Game 2019

Stick Ninja Game Android 2019

Uploaded:July 16th, 2019
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Stick Ninja is a game adapted from the popular anime Naruto is very much loved. Stick Ninja features a simple but gives you the thrilling moments and experience the unexpected. You can upgrade the possibility of using gold and diamonds collected from enemies and the environment to continue monitoring with the difficulty of the game. Challenge yourself in the tough battle to become a master ninja


It happened on 12 years ago, in the Leaf has appeared a nine-tailed fox demon to destroy the village. At that time the head of Konoha is the Fourth Hokage Minato same people prevent and repel fox away but could not. Then the Fourth Hokage used the his life to seal the fox with nine tails it back into the body sons his newborn Naruto with hope strength of fox with nine tails that will help this is the village later.
12 years later, Naruto grew up in alienation and dread of the people of Konoha. People are afraid because although doing nothing but shadow lurks inside the boy had killed countless relatives, friends, teammates surviving villagers. They can not forget that pain. They fear a day when sealing pliers can not keep nine-tailed fox, Naruto becomes destruction for the village. . Loneliness, rejection, alienation, lack of love, Naruto always wondered why I was born, why I do not have parents. Naruto childhood filled with darkness. The darkness stretches, clinging to the boy without letting go. When he was of age, Naruto goes Academy of Konoha ninja training like how you peers. Here, he met friends, teammates, teachers help you change yourself. Naruto is still alive and living strong. Himself prove to the villagers that he was not a child cursed. He wanted the villagers to see the boy, Naruto Uzumaki, not a shadow of the monster in the past. He is accompanied by Kakashi, the teacher who leads him along with Sasuke and Sakura work tasks in and outside the village. Gradually he linked up with more friends, and they do not see him as a threat to the village which is a member of the village. Later when he met Jiraya who helped him open the seal of the nine-tailed fox and who taught him how to control its power. Later he had to fight Akasuki an organization headed by Pain and at the same time the one who destroyed his village. When he defeated Pain, everyone in the village no longer shunned and chased him, acknowledged him to recognized his strength and saw him as a hero of the village. Later he learned how to monitor the monster was sealed inside him and use its power as he wanted.
Please download the game and experience come together. In the game you will be the role of a character in one of the fights in which to destroy the enemy, destroy the threat to the village. You will be trained in the ninja school and experiencing the mission to become a Hokage.You will be the most powerful Ninja warrior ever and continue training to become the strongest Hokage ninja! Do not hesitate any longer without load right on to become a Hokage as you want and go through the exciting missions yet.


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