Stick Fight 2

Uploaded:April 9th, 2019
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Stickman has been back and better than ever in the game Stick Fight 2 – it is an interesting and addictive action game. In which, you are lonely in the middle of the battlefield for defeating the aggressive Stickman.

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The Stickman group run towards you from both sides to find the guts to defeat you. You are the chosen stickman, try to fight as much as possible with the kung-fu martial arts. No one knows why you are the chosen one or why this stupid Stickman is attacking you. At this point, you do not need to know anything other than to knock down the stickman all with your punches on their vulnerable parts.

Stick Fight 2 for Android offers a wide range of weapons. Destroy endless enemies to unlock more weapons and upgrade your character. You can customize your favorite stickman style with tons of skins, hats, necklaces, and weapons. You have many choices of character: Samurai, Ninja, Dark Knight… Be a martial arts master? It all depends on your wishes.

Test all your skills in new survival mode with a series of unending actions. These evil stickmen are not tired of trying to grind, hit and kill you. They rush on you like zombies. At the end of the day, the best players will receive special rewards based on their position on the ranking board.

The new duel system offers a system of matches sorted by rank, in which you can test your skills by defeating those who run towards you. At weekends, the best one will be rewarded with special items.

Key features of Stick Fight 2 for Android

  • Addictive fighting style, fast-paced, more action.
  • The endless existence mode.
  • Survival mode adapts to your skill level to provide a great action experience.
  • Fight with other players in Duel multiplayer mode.
  • The fight based on reflexes.


  • Get daily rewards for the rankings.
  • Weekly bonus for ranking position in Duel mode.
  • Schedules are reset every day, weekly charts are reset every week.
  • An advanced anti-fraud algorithm to prevent fraudulent scores.


  • 5 weapons with 15 different weapons.
  • More than 50 items to customize the character.
  • Weapons, necklaces and hats can all be upgraded.
  • The items give you different calibrations.
  • Open the diamond package and other items.

Stick Fight 2 for Android seems to be very simple. But when you are in the fins of the enemy, you can feel the difficulty of this game. Try to test your reflexes by conquering this fascinating game!


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