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STAR RAIDERS is an android game developed by Team Weedo. If you have ever played “Shoot The Dragons” on your mobile, which is well appreciated on the App Store with over 1 million downloads, becoming the trend app in many Countries like the United States, Thailand, China, and reviewed in many popular mobile gaming sites such as Pocket Gamer or Arcade Game.

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STAR RAIDERS is the latest addition and promises to bring a whole new and exciting experience to gamers. It is an Endless Runner action games, which is quite similar to Jetpack or Sky Safari. The story revolves around a Raider, a captain exploring new lands in the alien world of Pandora. The gamers have to loot, fight and destroy all enemies of the Raiders and show that you are the most powerful person in the universe. The weapons system and ships in the STAR RAIDERS are abundant with unlimited upgrades. You can become the most powerful warrior in the universe with invincible ships and destructive guns.

STAR RAIDERS Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Gem
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlock All content

A lively world outside the universe:

STAR RAIDERS brings you a universal world with many different locations. You are using your spacecraft to detect and attack the land. In the world of STAR RAIDERS, you will not be alone. You will meet other Raiders, they can be with you and kill the boss, but not all of them are friends. Some Raiders can visit you and you will have interesting things that you cannot expect.

The battle is humorous and fierce:

Explore different locations, destroy enormous and dangerous bosses. Fighting against other Raiders and destroying their ships. The battles are hilarious with many dangerous opponents. But it is also really funny because of how the game simulates them.

Unique fighting styles

Battle style in STAR RAIDERS (Mod Money) is completely different from the same type of game. You control the aircraft through the lands in the galaxy, dodging obstacles and collecting gold coins. When the energy of the ship run out, you can use the jetpack. You can hover in the air and use the gun to destroy all the enemies that appear in front of you.

Beautiful graphics, amazing physical interaction and many different game modes:

STAR RAIDERS Mod is very impressive in color. The explosions are well-simulated. The game also offers simple controls and very good physical interaction, touches to move your ship up or down to avoid obstacles. The modes in STAR RAIDERS are also varied. You can choose Raider Challenge mode or Raider Ruck to play with other players.


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