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Star Ocean: Anamnesis has just released its English version so that the gamers can easily enjoy without language barriers. Square Enix is ​​one of the biggest gaming Group in the world. Their products are most popular on PC, console and handheld. Square Enix has just released an English version of Star Ocean: Anamnesis, a role-playing mobile game with the familiar style, Hack N Slash. If you are a fan of Mobius Final Fantasy thenStar Ocean: Anamnesis is definitely a good choice that you should try now.

The Plot

Star Ocean: Anamnesis is set in a fantasy world, in which you are a commander of a crew in the space. Unfortunately, your spacecraft encountered the space pirates. Their attack made your spacecraft out of control and falls to a strange planet in the dark area of the Universe. Fortunately, you were alive. You have to gather a group of brave warriors for fighting the enemies and find a way to bring your crew home.

JRPG gameplay

Your main mission in Star Ocean is unlocking, recruiting heroes and forming a team to join the battle. When the battles take place, you will have to control these characters and attack the enemies. The characters in Star Ocean Mobile have different attribute stats. They also have their own special skills that will be unlocked and used during the battle. Like the other JRPG, characters in the game are rated by stars from 1 to 5 corresponding to the power gradually increase. You can increase these indexes by upgrading or equipping some supporting items. The diamond is the currency in the game, which you can get through the win or complete the daily tasks. They are really important. You will use the Diamonds to upgrade characters, buy items support…

Star Ocean’s gameplay is designed with a vertical-screen interface allowing players to experience the game with one hand through the touch-and-slide gestures on the screen. At the beginning of the game, you do not feel this is a good idea by the screen in the game seem a bit cramped for the operation when it should show a little too much information. The menu icon or email inbox duties are also designed as simple as possible. However, after experiencing the game for some time, the players will realize that it is acceptable. You can easily control the characters and observe the battle in the game in a completely unique way. In addition to the usual story mode, Star Ocean Mobile offers a lot of interesting features that allow you to connect with friends or random players to fight in PVP mode.

The Graphics

The beautiful 3D graphics is also one of the most impressive elements of Star Ocean. You will be admiring the amazing and impressive visual effects. In addition, the accompanying sound effects are quite lively and well designed in detail with character gesture.


Currently, although Star Ocean: Anamnesis has not released worldwide, it has added the English language, which will help all the players can still experience the game without worrying about barriers language. If you want to download Star Ocean: Anamnesis, you need to change accounts to the corresponding area for iOS. If using an Android device, you can download the APK file via the link below.

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