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Star Legends uses a different background that is a battle of modern robots, replaying in a realistic and smooth way thanks to the beautiful graphics. Star Legends (Dreamsky) is the latest action mobile game. It comes from the developer Dreamsky for those who like the ARPG game. Your task is to control the robot warrior fighting with other opponents in an interplanetary war. All the targets revolve around controlling a precious metal, which can be used to create the mightiest of robots named Mecha.

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At the beginning, your protagonist is a robot with only basic attacks such as cutting and defence. But much later, when defeating stronger enemies to complete the mission, you can collect resources, they will be very useful in upgrading your character. Your character will become more powerful when he learns new moves to create effective combos sweeping through the enemies surrounding him. Also, by collecting upgrading and equipment pieces for your robot, you can customize them to your interest for future battles. In the next stages, you can unlock new Mecha with skill sets and special features. The robotics collection in the game is also very diverse, which brings a unique experience ever for players. One of the other attractions of Star Legends (Dreamsky) is the graphics platform, which is beautifully designed. The robot is shimmering with all the different shapes drawn on the basis of Western graphics.

In addition to the most common similarity between Star Legends and another famous name of the mecha series, the Gundam is an interplanetary war, which is decided by the giant fighting robot. Therefore, it will bring the familiarity to the fans of this famous game.

Star Legends (Dreamsky) mod features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamond
  • God Mod

Star Legends Key Features:

  • Robots theme is recalling to the Gundam series on mobile.
  • Robot fighting mechanism is elaborately designed.
  • Abundant Mecha robots.
  • Upgrade your robot by unlocking new skills and new items.
  • Various tasks system.
  • Beautiful 3D graphics

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