Stack Jump

Uploaded:January 12th, 2018
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Stack Jump is a simple and fun one-touch game for Voodoo. You will control a cute character to jump up to stack the bricks as high as possible, reaching the sky.

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Voodoo is a pretty odd developer. If anyone played Voodoo games such as Snake vs. Block,, etc., they are all one-touch games. The only feature is unlocking new characters. However, the products of the company are very attractive. Many players admit that they are addicted to these games after only 1-2 attempts.

Recently, Voodoo continues to launch a new game also has the same simple gameplay as the elder. It is Stack Jump. However, the game also makes a lot of young people “crazy” thanks to its new play style.

Stack Jump is quite similar to Tower Builder or Cake Tower, Cake Topping. However, the Voodoo knew how to make Stack Jump unique, new and more attractive. Instead of stacking buildings or ice cream, you will build bricks. And the protagonist who plays the role of building these bricks is an extremely adorable beast.

A small pet in Stack Jump APK for Android has a dream of reaching to the stars in the sky. You will help the little animal doing that by controlling it to jump on the bricks which are passing by, to stack them up and reach higher. The more block is stacked, the more point you get.

The game has two modes that are the door passing and endless modes. In the door passing mode, the character has to go through all 36 challenging doors with increasing difficulty. In endless mode, you will stack the bricks in endless highs, scoring record points.

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The higher the bricks move, the faster the player has to tap the screen constantly. Only one second of carelessness is that you immediately get knocked down and game over. At some point, you will receive some bonus points and when you get a certain score, the player will unlock new animals corresponding to the new tiles. The game has 20 lovely pets for you to unlock and play along. In terms of graphics, Stack Jump for Android is better than the previous games. Wallpaper is also quite charming, lovely character, lively with the fun sound.

In general, Stack Jump is suitable for entertaining in the free time, short breaks, bring relaxed feeling, but it does not force players to be very stressful. Let’s download and play Stack Jump right now.


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