Space Rabbits in Space

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For those who love fun games, especially those who regularly play games on the smartphone, they will be happy to know that Space Rabbit in Space has officially launched the mobile version for both Android and iOS. So you can download it for free on Google Play.

Space rabbits in Space Mod APK download for Android

Space Rabbits in Space is a story about a hero rabbit fighting against the notorious Don Podoncini smugglers. During the game, you will have to control the rabbit to overcome the traps, dangers and prevent the sweet candy smuggling. Your character can fly in space, collect your gold coins, avoid obstacles, trap by touching, swiping your finger on the touchscreen. Rabbits can climb up the picture, turn over the island on the rope or perform other dangerous action. Besides, picking up gold coins will help you unlock other awesome rabbit characters and buy different outfits and accessories.

How to play?

Space Rabbits In Space is simple, you will use your finger to touch the screen for controlling the rabbit flying, jumping, overcoming the trap and obstacles in space. Along the way, you have to collect as many gold coins as possible, saving them will help players unlock the character at different levels, as well as equip yourself with other advanced accessories.

Game features of Space Rabbits In Space:

  • The game does not automatically run. The player does not need to virtual control.
  • Accurately and highly responsive to operator actions on the screen.
  • Many advanced techniques such as ninja climbing wall, strade dancing.
  • You can play with friends in the same area or worldwide.
  • You can see replays of the top 10 players of all levels.
  • There are over 40 levels and lots of fun to experience.
  • There are many funny costumes of rabbits such as Disco Unicorn, Ninja, and Little Red Rabbit Hood…

Play Space Rabbits in Space to feel the great things.

  • Space Rabbits in Space game is simple, which can be played on many types of smartphones including Android, iOS…
  • You can easily play anywhere, anytime.
  • Beautiful, fun, multi-level images for players to experience a plentiful difficulty, bring a sense of fun and thrill.
  • The game ranked 3+, received the items.


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