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Want to compose a monster beat or the loop for a chart-topping song? SoundForest is probably the most charming tool for doing so, and you don’t have to know a thing about meter or pitch to use it. To compose in SoundForest, simply rearrange icons of flora and fauna on your screen.

Map out your tunes with giraffes, lizards, cats, and flamingos.

To start, tap a few icons to place them© a track, then tap the top of the screen to play. Each icon—whether a cute raccoon or a sleek bluejay—triggers a unique sound, like an electronic beat or acoustic twang. The higher you place it, the higher the pitch. The real fun begins when you experiment with layering and rearranging.

Select forest elements to visually compose an audio masterpiece.
The beauty of SoundForest is that it allows you to create an audio masterpiece visually. Move the animals and trees around until they make a nice scene and see how it sounds. If something seems off, well, throw in a couple of moose. You might be pleasantly surprised.


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