The Soul of Hunter 2.1

The Soul of Hunter 2.1

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The Soul of Hunter CN 猎魂觉醒 – All Fashion vs Weapons Skin Cashshop items ShowCase 2019

The Soul of Hunter (猎 魂 觉醒) is the latest monster mobile game from NetEase. The game has been developed for more than three years and was released in China at the end of last year. However, it seems NetEase has taken such great care of the game until it was officially released today. The game will be officially released on iOS, accompanied by a trial version on Android, which is also released in parallel.

The Soul of Hunter (猎 魂 觉醒) APK download for Android

The Soul of Hunter is a four-person monster hunting game, which is similar to Monster Hunter. There are no specific occupations or character classes in the game. The only way to distinguish characters in the game is to rely on one of the six weapons the player equips. These six weapons are Great Sword, Gunlance, Fist, Staff, Bow and Dual Blades.

Attractive monsters hunting gameplay

Like Monster Hunter, the players hunt the monsters to get the rewards and equipment to make them stronger gear to deal with the stronger monsters. The monsters in the The Soul of Hunter are not displayed for HP. Therefore, players will have to attack different parts of the monster to be added to the material. Furthermore, when the monster’s health is in a low state, it will activate the madness mode and use special skills to make you in more dangerous and also stressful than ever.
With 3D freedom and a new generation of surreal graphics, The Soul of Hunter will lead players to the mysterious Western world with a lot of monsters. Instead of repeatedly boring tasks like other games, the game allows players to freely distribute their time by offering secondary missions such as hunting, cooking, treasure hunting and even wrestling between players.

Skill and character system

All hunters have normal attacks with the specific attacking skills of each character. By winning fierce battles, players can also unlock special weapon skills. Both PVE and PVP modes are not limited to the level of the player, so you can enjoy yourself as soon as you start playing the The Soul of Hunter game. Furthermore, the online voice chat mode also allows players to make friends or discuss the ways to fight the monster effectively.


If you have ever played mobile games from Netease such as Rule of Survival or Knife Out, you will see that the games of this company always bring the background graphics impress and beautiful, The Soul of Hunter is no exception. The game is built on the technology Unreal 4 brings a great experience for players; the giant monsters are designed in great detail and beautiful; the context in the game is well cared for with different terrain, you will like to be engaged in fierce battles with monsters in a vast fantasy world.


The Soul of Hunter based on the monster hunting theme, which is enjoyed by many players and the success of other titles like Monster Hunter Stories is a testament to the appeal of this game. You can download the games for free at the link below.

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