Soul of Eden

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Soul of Eden is a combination of many game genres such as strategy, action, real-time, MOBA and CCG.

Soul of Eden APK + Data for Android

Soul of Eden is a new mobile game that combines the best game genres, such as strategy, action, real-time, MOBA and CCG. Soul of Eden was designed by Rayark – the father of popular mobile games like Implosion: Never Lose Hope or Deemo. Soul of Eden uses a face-to-face view like on a chess board, in which the player summons beasts from the cards and uses magical skills to attack, destroy the main house, beat the enemy and win. With hundreds of monster cards, a lot of effects and skill cards, gamers can freely arrange and create their own tactics. The scene in Soul of Eden brings you to a chaotic battlefield with foxes, warriors and monsters, amidst the silent scene just waiting for the boom, a warrior suddenly risen. The endless war broke out.

About the gameplay, many people will soon think of another famous floating world in the world, is Clash Royale. However, Soul of Eden also has many differences from Clash Royale, one of which is the specific race system. The game brings four different races, including Human, Alien, Empire and Beast. Each race will have different strengths and weaknesses. For example, Human specialists use long-range weapons and wide area attack, while Alien has the ability to suck blood and summon monsters, or Empire is suitable for new gamers. Each character has a biography of his own abilities and life that makes the plot profound. Incorporating races together in a rational way is one of the key factors to bring the final victory.

Rayman said that the MOBA category on the mobile phone is going strong, but there are still many shortcomings in the control mechanism. In the meantime, the card game series is almost always known to be messy with turn-based models, becoming increasingly boring in the eyes of players. With its unique gameplay formula. Soul of Eden eliminates all of these weaknesses, blends in with the simulation elements to create an unprecedented experience. Therefore, Soul of Eden will bring high-tempo battles in real time. In which, the player has to handle the situation immediately, give orders and move quickly according to the war situation. Each card will be a representative of the unit, different Heroes or defenders, with automatic combat capability. Therefore, the result will depend on the ability to predict and react to the situation and the time of deployment of the player.

Lin Yuyan, the designer of Soul of Eden states that the game will incorporate new action elements to bring an exciting experience to anyone. In addition, Soul of Eden also owns a beautiful 3D graphics platform with spectacular battle scenes, live fire effects…

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