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Recently, GameBank has officially released the Android version of the MMORPG Soul Gauge: Battle Flag in the Play Store.

Soul Gauge: Battle Flag Mod APK download for Android (English)

Soul Gauge: Battle Flag is an MMORPG mobile, which was built on the traditional simulation game that allows tens of thousands of players to fight on the same map. Accordingly, gamers can join the mysterious world through team up to overcome the game level. There are two camps in the game includes Lapin and Etra.

In terms of graphics, the Soul Gauge is built on familiar 2D graphics and incredibly light effects. In particular, the character in the game in the Anime style, the characters are not too sophisticated design but still make a personal impression with the player the maps built detail, which get the high rated point from the player.

Soul Gauge: Battle Flag Mod features:

  • Unlimited Golds
  • God Mod
  • Free shopping

Like all of the other Android MMORPG, Soul Gauge Battle Flag mod apk will bring a number of quests and sub-variants to the usual horizontal screen battle style. Gamers will control the movement of characters by swiping on the touchscreen. The skill system is quite complex and placed at the bottom of the screen with the player’s arrangement. You can choose the best skills for the character and arrange the desired. It looks familiar, but due to the extremely diverse skill system, which makes player difficult to combine them appropriately.

This mobile game also provides players with over 500 different weapons and armor. In addition, through the acquisition of soul fragments, players can create superior weapons and unlock special abilities. As an MMORPG on the mobile platform, Gamebank optimized the user’s skills interface and operations to best fit the touchscreen. You guys will have the opportunity to choose the heroes up to 70 with over 180 unique skills.

Besides, Soul Gauge has simulation element, it also brings familiar features for players such as defeats the boss, cultivates the crops, makes weapons, unlocks the more special quest. In addition, it is mentioned as the real-time attractive PvP game. Soul Gauge: Battle Flag English version has been released worldwide, for both Android and iOS platforms. You can download Soul Gauge: Battle Flag Mod APK with the link below.


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