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SopCast for Android is one of the most popular programs for watching live TV or video on your Android device. With Sopcast for Android, you do not need a TV but still can watch TV on your phone. We provide you the APK file of this application, so you can download SopCast APK and enjoy it right now. With Sopcast, you can watch football, movies and a variety of different digital content right on your Android device, anytime, anywhere, and totally free.

Download SopCast APK for Android

SopCast enables you to use your PC, tablet or even your mobile phone as a portable TV. Using this app, you can gain free and instant access to many television channels that are being broadcasted over the SopCast servers. Your Android phone just needs to run Android version 2.2 and above to install this app. What you do get in this mobile version of SopCast is a long list of all the available channels which are grouped into categories. There is an option to sort by group, ID, bit rate or signal strength. If you have the URL of a particular stream, you can enter this and open it directly within SopCast for Android. You can also play videos stored locally on your devices. When you open SopCast for Android, it will automatically set up the configuration that matches the device you are using.


How to login Sopcast on Android?

At first, you will be asked to log into the app. There are three options for you to choose from:

  • Sign in as anonymous: login anonymously (use the application’s default account)
  • Sign in with device ID: sign in with your device information.
  • Sign in with a user account: log in with a registered account.

Select server:

You need to choose a server from the list of the app. You should select Default Server
Sort channels:
Allows you to customize the arrangement of your channels for the easy channel search.

Just like Sopcast on computer, you can choose to use your subscribed account to save your favorite channels, or use the default account then can not save anything.  Signing in with device information will save you time if you do not have any account, but we recommend that you should not select this option.

Features of SopCast APK for Android:

  • Has lots of channels.
  • Watch full screen and set the video’s aspect ratio.
  • High-quality videos for many channels.
  • Allows you to open specific URL.
  • Supports you to watch all SopCast P2P channels.
  • Simple and easy to use interface.
  • Completely free to download and use.
  • You can watch live channels with the P2P protocol.
  • Plays most types of video and audio files on the phone.
  • Plays Network Media Streaming (similar to VLC).


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