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Football Manager has never been so attractive to players because of its age-appropriate gameplay. If you are a football fan or a pitch story, you should not miss the latest game of Soccer Manager Ltd, which is called Soccer Manager 2018. Specifically, it is free on both Android and iOS platforms.
In Soccer Manager 2018 (Mod APK), players will try to train a dream football club and find a way to lead the team to the glory. This is a soccer management game for the mobile platform that has many interesting features you can explore right now.

Soccer Manager 2018 Mod APK (Unlimited Cash) Latest/Update

Soccer Manager 2018 is a mobile football management game. The goal the player needs to make is to become a club coach and ensure that he or she helps the team win and maintain it through the season. It is very difficult to pay attention to the money and the results of the game. However, it will be more advantageous if you use the right strategy, managing your club is also really challenging when the budget is not plentiful at the beginning. Besides, the game gives you some tasks in order to manage the team better.
Soccer Manager 2018 is simpler than the classic games of this genre (such as Football Manager Mobile or FIFA Manager) but it is still the best quality football management game. One of the good points of Soccer Manager 2018 is that it is free. You can easily download games from the Play Store or download Soccer Manager 2018 Mod APK that we provide below.

How to mod Soccer Manager 2018 latest version?

Very easy, you guy can watch the video below to know how to mod this game (must watch):



Many options for players

As mentioned above, your team budget must be managed properly because this is the main factor affecting your team. With just financial mistake, you may have been bankrupt and loses the team. With the initial amount of money, you can use to procure the necessary tactical players.
The transferring feature of the Android Soccer Manager 2018 football management game can be a bit confusing at first. But once you get used to it, you will find it really fun and worthy. The player stats are displayed in the most complete and detailed way, you can easily search and select players for the new form.
Although it is only with 2D graphics, the matches in Soccer Manager 2017 for Android still show the full content of the game. As a coach, you can watch live players, be flexible in changing tactics between matches … and see how the players will adapt to the new tactics.

A great way to practice football management skills

Play free Soccer Manager 2018 Mod APK games on Android to get more into the exciting football atmosphere than ever before. The game simulates the real football atmosphere, in which you will perform tasks such as recruiting, coaching, competing, upgrading stadiums, attracting fans … to become a popular football team. With more than 3,000 football clubs, 70,000 players and millions of managers, Soccer Manager is the real battle among the Football Managers.

Playing in everywhere

X-Platform technology with cloud platform technology allows you to store games on any device and continue playing on another device when logging into your account. You do not need to install multiple accounts for each machine, you take your team to play anywhere. Soccer Manager 2018 is an excellent entertainment choice for football fans, which you can play games wherever you want.

Information required configuration

  • Processor: 1.5 GHz or higher
  • Memory: 1 GB of RAM
  • Internet connection Requirement.


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