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The majority of Android products pack with limited memory. Android task manager may selectively destroy low-priority jobs to be able to reserve storage to higher priority task. That’s not necessarily run at a suitable period, creating minimal sensitive applications, particularly when you start a brand new application after heavily browsing webpages lagging. Download Smart RAM Booster APK will help you resolve all of this problems.

Smart RAM Booster APK latest for android

Smart RAM Booster is a tool made to enhance one’s Android terminal’s efficiency by closing the programs which are working to improve processing speed.
This application form includes four different priority settings. One of the full stops nearly all low priority programs in your final, the great environment is going to do exactly the same just having a new minimum concern, medium option will active just a little below the minimum, as well as the lighting selection is only going to turn off programs that consume more memory.
A few of the resources contained in the application would be the cache solution, that enables you to clear the cache with only a click the final; the white-list, that you may select which programs that you don’t actually need the application and shut it down; the various widgets, that are very helpful to keep everything in check; as well as the auto booster, through which you can keep all of the choices within the hands of the application form.
Smart RAM Booster is a very helpful software for Android because it can significantly enhance the general pace of the applications for Android users who discover particular issues within the fluidity of their terminal.

Main features Smart RAM Booster :

  • Smart RAM Booster
    Floating widget, home screen widget
  • Cache cleaner
    Scan & clean external cache data on your Android device
  • SD card cleaner
    Check for large file, large files, junk files
  • Program manager
    Order uninstaller, Order backup, Freeze, disable auto-start (root), Remove program application (root),Clean cache and Install as system apps
  • Others features
    Good and clear interface design, Continue improvement


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