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Slimeatory is the official mobile game of Just Ameerah, available on Androidand IOS. In the game, you will have to manufacture your materials before you can the actual slime. In Slimeatory, you can create and run your own Slime store. You can create slime, sell slime and even share slime with your friends. The more you play, the more you unlock different types of smiles with amazing colors. Don’t forget to take screenshots and show them off on social media.


As your store grows, you will need to manage your time and materials usage to maximize profits. You can choose to produce slime with low production time if you have a lot of time online and you can save things that take longer to perform when you are offline. You can make more money if you quickly ask for slime to be produced and post them for sale.

When you play the game you will notice that some customers have a coin symbol on their heads. That means they need support, you can sell slime to them quickly. You can upgrade production equipment to speed up production and reduce energy loss.

Whenever your production reaches specific milestones, you will earn rewards, which include experience and some gems.


Key features of Slimeatory:

– Slime simulation game

– Manage the slime store

– Unlock new types of slime.

– Share photos with everyone.


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