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Slayin MOD APK for Android – It’s time to save the world

Grab your sword and ready your spell. Slayin’s fantasy action heats up real fast! After a long time holding the top 1 on the iOS game charts in the world, FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG has officially released Slayin for the Android platform. This is the first RPG action  game with Endless style in the world. Simple from concept, play to graphics and sound, Slayin is sure to be a new food for action lovers.

The longer you go without taking damage, the higher your score multiplier climbs.

Choose your heroes

Thankfully, the game gives you six terrific hero choices—and they play quite differently. Be a sword-wielding knight (a strong fighter), mighty wizard (who can transform into a tornado), or the lucky knave (who makes foes drop more gold). There’s even a tamer who jumps on monsters’ backs, then directs their attack. With an upgrade, the wizard adds a fireball toss to her whirling offensive.  Slayin’s cool characters aren’t the only thing that’ll keep you coming back. Upgrading your character midbattle can impact the outcome, so have fun experimenting to see the effect of better armor versus fancier weapons versus a health boost.  And have you seen those retro graphics? Both the art style and the chip-tune soundtrack are an irresistible tribute to the coin-op classics of yesteryear.

Classic designed

The first time you see the graphics of Slayin, I bet you will mistakenly think this is a 1990s video game modified to be compatible with the iOS and Android platforms. Indeed, Slayin is designed in classic style, from graphics to sound in the game.  Players can choose from 6 characters (Knight, Wizard, and Knave), to experience adventures in order to destroy all the monsters that appear in the game. Characters will truly exhibit different abilities when experiencing various battles and gain experience as well as changing equipment from players.

The plot is clear

Although the game is a quite modest size less than 20Mb but Slayin is also a game with clear content. Can understand, we have just stepped into a strange world where people and strange creatures live together.Of course, humans are hardly able to live in harmony with the monsters, they have started attacking people under the direction of a giant fire dragon.Can not stand looking at the humanity destroyed, you will be brave knight dare to confront them from this moment. The battles in Slayin are divided into each level with the continuous appearance of the monsters from the sides. Your main task is to destroy a certain number of monsters to summon the boss in the game while still preserving your life. Creating monsters as well as bosses is not very special and there are many impressive points, but they are enough to bring players challenges when there is only one weakness that you need to attack. Gold is the most important resource for you to improve your character’s fighting power. Gold is not only obtained when you destroy the monster, with successive chain killers will have other valuable rewards appear.In addition, these coins have the ability to recover a certain amount of life.

Easy to control

The control mechanism in Slayin is not complicated and only through the simple button displayed on the screen. You can control the direction of movement in two directions with a single operation, depending on each character class that will have different actions. Everything is very simple, special skills will automatically activate but depend on the weapon you use. In it, there are also confrontations with dragons that can spit fire, which defeating them to gain rewards is not easy at all. Slimes, skulls, and zombies attack from all sides—and from the ground below. The on-screen controls are super-simple (left arrow, right arrow, action button), but this arcade-style game challenges your reflexes with lightning-fast gameplay. And you have just one life to earn an epic score.  Like every boss, this dragon has weak spots. The trick is getting close enough to strike them.

Main feature:

  • Endless RPG action game for the first time in the world
  • Hundreds of quests that players can conquer
  • Perfect Retro Graphic
  • 6 unique character classes: knights, wizards, minions, archers, and Niners
  • Endless trophy: tons of weapons, armor and magic
  • Face up to legendary monsters and bosses
  • 3 unique game modes
  • Ranking your game against your friends

How to install?

If you are a regular gamer and looking for new games on Android, you know how to install games from the APK file. Here are instructions for you to download and install Slayin MOD for Android:

  • Remove the current version of the game you installed, if available
  • Download the game’s APK file we provide below.
  • Install the APK file and wait for the installation to complete
  • All done

Note: To install the APK of the game, you need to set up a device that can install apps that are not on Google Play. To do this you need to go to: Setup> Security> in the Device Manager section, select Unknown sources (Allow installation of apps not from Market). You can see this article.



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