Skyblock : Architect Craft

Uploaded: January 22nd, 2018
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Category : Simulator

Surviving in a dangerous world and building your own city in Skyblock: Architect Craft for Android. This game has the same cubic graphics as the Minecraft survival game.

Skyblock : Architect Craft Mod APK for Android

The fame of the game Minecraft Square is the condition for the release of the cubic graphics game series. It is possible to spot some of the most prominent names like Exploration Pro: Building craft, Like Craft HD Adventures, BlockCraft Mine Builder, MultiCraft… The world in the game is made up of squares that are assembled together to look extremely special. It is the common feature of these games. Skyblock: Architect Craft is also a game in this series.

In this playground, players are free to venture out, explore in a vast world. At the same time, you are like an architect creating your own island as your style.

Skyblock Architect Craft for Android has two game modes including:

  • Survival: Challenge you to survive in a dangerous world.
  • Creativity: Build your own city with unlimited resources.

Just show off your ability, build, explore the Skyblock islands and create impressive architecture! Download Skyblock Architect Craft mod apk for free to play at your weekend!


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