Sky Force 2018

Uploaded:February 2nd, 2018
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Sky Force 2018 is a mobile combat aircraft game. The legendary fighters are uniquely designed, the classic fighting style gameplay gives players a great experience.
According to the designer’s introduction, this legendary 2018 version is enhanced with stunning 3D graphics. Superb combat control system is on the intuitive touch screen and powerful upgrade system to attract players. When you have joined the Super Sky Force 2018, you can spend hours on the fighters without getting bored.

Sky Force 2018 APK download for Android

Every week, many space combat missions are updated and more battles are held with new levels. In addition, the Sky Force 2018 also attracted players through active gameplay with an abundant collection of fighting aircraft, legendary aircraft, fleet fighter and series of victories that both casual gamers and professional gamers are waiting for. Upgrade the spacecraft and advance further into the battlefield, completing missions.

Super Sky Force 2018 key features:

  • Immersed in vivid images, the task levels.
  • Many fierce fighting scenes.
  • Many risky scenarios when rescuing civilians.
  • Join the weekly fight with other players.
  • Upgrade shields, guns, missiles, lasers, super bombs…
  • Improve your score with shooting aircraft.
  • No Internet required, you can still play offline.
  • The game is completely free.


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