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Sky Ball MOD APK (Unlimited Gems) for Android

Finally, the Ketchappy maker launched Sky Ball on App Store and Google Play worldwide. Sky Ball is a simple electronic entertainment game on mobile and tablet with relatively small capacity. In the near future, surely, Sky Ball will attract more attention and favorite players. Sky Ball simulates a deep space, but hidden danger often awaits you. The task of the player is to conquer, challenge, control the balloon in the air, or run on the track without falling into the deep pool and win the highest points.

Gameplay and features

Sky Ball (MOD Gems) is a traditional and simple game. But with more advanced features. When you start the game interface, you will encounter racing in a deep space. Your ball is blue. You need to use the touch screen to move the ball flying high into the sky and touch the track. If the direction of the ball is wrong, it will fall down. Due to its simple operation and control mechanism, the Sky Ball can accommodate a wide variety of subjects, from children to adults.
Each time, the game will be a different challenge. The players who pass the challenge will receive a gift box, including gold coins or items.

In addition to collecting items after the races, players can also receive items by accessing daily games, spinning prizes, challenging or watching ads. When the ball falls into the deep, you will receive a message to start again in that position. Players can choose to continue the journey by watching promotional videos or playing again. Throughout the system, your highest score will be recorded for ranking. The recording points will be displayed on the screen. When you break the record, it will appear the notice for the player’s reference.
With the amount of money that you collect after the game, it can be used to unlock new balls. Each color is different, you can choose and buy.

Disable the Advertisement

The advertisement makes players uncomfortable. With Ketchapp games, there is a lot of advertising during the game. Therefore, if you want to turn off the ads, or you do not want to be disturbed, you can disconnect wifi, 3G or 4G. When the player switches off all modes connected to the network, the ad will not show up anymore.

Graphics design and sound

Sky Ball graphic designing is based on a simple 2D platform. The feature is simple but the game is addictive and brings a lot of fun to the players. Unique sound system, classical soundtrack and mono sound help to stimulate the player’s aggressiveness. The colors of each ball and racetrack contain a lot of cascades that are arranged in different colors, harmonious, pleasant feeling. When you start the game, you will be fascinated by the attractive race and the most authentic experience.

Time to download Sky Ball MOD APK!

In general, Sky Ball is a simple entertainment game, but it is offering a lot of fun to the user. With a simple gameplay and manipulation of the ball, the game is easy to bring a lot of fun for players. You can download this game right now for free from App Store.


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