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Skullgirls is a fun quiz game developed by Lab Zero Games and was being released on PC platform for Autumn Games and Marvelous AQL for the first time in 2012. In fact, Skullgirls – a great 2D antagonist game, which has been released on iOS since May 2017. But from the beginning of 2018, it is officially released on Android. This is a great news for fans who love this game brand.

Skullgirls Mod APK Unlimited Money for Android

Basically, the Skullgirls mobile version will retain the pluses inherent from the PC version. In order to optimize the mobile gaming experience. The controls system in the game is handled and touched. The developers have limited the virtual keys to avoid hiding the player’s vision.

The story of the game takes place in the fictional Canopy Kingdom, where Skull Heart is kept – the desire of every female warrior. Why do they want to have it? It is simple that the Skull Heart contains supreme power, satisfying the wishes of its owners.

The warriors fight each other in uncompromising battles to manipulate the Skull Heart. However, only true souls can possess the good in that mascot. Otherwise, they will become the Skull Girl, the evil demon. Who will be able to become the owner of Skull Heart?

The gamer is very impressive because of the great gameplay, beautiful skill effects but a system full of wonderful women with the hot body. We will have the opportunity to meet up with Valentine – a sexy nurse ninja, Filia with devil hair can turn into everything, Squigly – an undead girl with cute gestures but make people shivering with a bone snake piercing through the head…

Skullgirls (Mod Money) attract players of the series are all beautiful women. They possess their own characteristics but they are fighting for their common purpose for supreme power. The game offers both single-player and online modes to compete with other players. In terms of graphics, the game has a colorful 2D animation style, characters design, the techniques are very charming and fun that you can have true entertain.

Skullgirls Mod features:

  • Unlimited money

If interested you guys can download Skullgirls Mod apk for free to experience game below


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