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Siege: Titan Wars is a tactical mobile game that combined a wide variety of magic, realm and real-time combat games. Siege: Titan Wars brings players fierce battles in an imaginary world and the presence of creatures that only appear in the legend. Siege: Titan Wars is not different from most other strategy games. But it’s great graphics and some refinements that make this game surpass the shadow of Clash Royale. We bring for you the latest mod version of SIEGE: Titan Wars, hope you guys enjoy it.

SIEGE: Titan Wars Mod APK latest version for Android

Before the battle, you have to create a special set of cards for summoning the troops to the battlefield. Each card requires specific mana (to be recovered from time to time), which increases or decreases depending on the card’s quality. This makes Siege: Titan Wars is both a tactical game that has the same element of collecting and unlocking new cards like a real card-game. The types that you can summon includes normal, Titan and magic units. Regular soldiers and Titans will be controlled by the machine and automatically attacked by enemy soldiers, the spells are arbitrary. Depending on your style and gameplay, you can choose from a set of cards that specialize in buffing and healing the soldiers or using attacking spells such as repulsion or fireballs on enemy soldiers.
Siege: Titan Wars mod ‘s graphics is reminiscent of another famous MOBA game on the phone, Vainglory, which also has the same design and top-down view. But the game brought a lot of excitement and excitement when you saw firsthand the enormous Titan soldiers battling one another in the war.

Mod features :

  • Unlimted everything
  • Unlock All Content
  • Full chests unlock

Main Features of SIEGE: Titan Wars :

  • Fight other players across the global in multiplayer battles to Assert Victory Points
  • Open chests to unlock new cards, update your warriors and fortify your Titans
  • Gather and level up your collection with dozens of cards
  • Build the perfect deck to defeat anyone who dares meet you on the battleground
  • Join a Clan to discuss cards and build your personal SIEGE: Titan Wars community
  • Watch your own replays or people from leading players to analyze their strategies
  • Connect and play with your friends.

On the other hand, Siege: Titan Wars mod offers a real-time strategy experience with a fiery battlefield and heavy units of grass. This has created a real battle on the player’s phone screen. At the same time, it opens up different types of strategies for you to create and apply in each game. This is definitely a strategic game for you to try out this week!


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