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Shurado is an action role-playing game for Android and iOS, which has recently been officially launched on Google Play Store by Ganbarion – the “godfather” of the famous games such as One Piece: Unlimited World Red or Dragon Ball Fusion.

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The game is about Shurado – a dark hell where death knights live. Those who go to Shurado are the top killers, the most evil and the strongest. Here, they will fight one by one against the enemy and become stronger than ever by depriving the loser’s weapons. Coming to Shurado, the player will play a mysterious warrior who is going to dark places. You do not have full control over your character, but you can stop or move as you like. Players will continue to run until they encounter any opponents. At that time, both will draw out their weapons and the battle will begin.

By touching the enemy on the right side of the screen, your character will attack the corresponding locations. You can also select the attack by touching the left side of the screen. In case both players try to attack at the same time, the screen will appear a sword scene, who presses faster, who will gain the right to attack. It sounds simple, but when you are really into Shurado, new players can feel the intensity of the game.

Besides, you also can not choose to constantly attack forever. Each player has a bar that measures the character’s tolerance. Each time the bar is run out, you must stop the attack for a few seconds and wait for it to return. Therefore, players should consider the time to attack or defense, which will help you defeat opponents and win the final.

Shurado’s gameplay is quite similar to other games like For Honor or Infinity Blade. However, currently, the new game is only 1vs1 mode. In order to experience the game, you need to have operating system phone at least Android 7.0 or iOS 10.


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