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Uploaded:August 18th, 2017
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Shrek Sugar Fever for Android is a 3-match game that is similar to Candy Crush Saga but Shrek is a major character. Shrek Sugar Fever Mod APK is perfect for leisure during the break time, or for stress relief before bedtime.

Shrek Sugar Fever Mod money latest version for Android

Story: In the land named Far Far Away, a sweet candy mantra has covered the kingdom, including Shrek’s marshes. Help Shrek rescue his sugar-addictive friends from the sweet candy haunting in this fun puzzle game.

Finish the sweet candy nightmare and eliminate them completely from this kindly Shrek’s place by matching the same sweet candy, the same color together as you move through different levels of the game. You will see many cartoon characters like Donkey, Gingy, Pinocchio, 3 cute pigs, etc. Combine the resources wisely to overcome the difficult challenges of the game Shrek Sugar Fever Mod Money latest version.

Sugar Fever Mod Features:

Abundant interesting challenging levels

Replace sugar addiction mantras in more than 150 levels of sweet candy and 7 attractive environments in Far Far Away.

The friend rescue

Combine multiple candy pieces together in an extremely addictive gameplay. Complete the challenge at various levels to rescue Shrek’s friends from “candy,” including Donkey, Gingy, Pinocchio and three piglets.

Facebook Connect

Now players can log in to Facebook and invite their friends to join their progress. Save your progress, play on multiple devices through your Facebook account, send and receive more lives. In addition, players can show off their achievements every time as they conquer a new level or pass a friend by posting on their Facebook wall.

Unlock the unique strength

Discover why sometimes bloating is a good thing because funny humor supplements help to double the amount of candy exploded.

Defeat the wicked in the kingdom

Defeat the warlord Farquadd in the boss mode with a special power source, ensuring you will not be able to deal with in a short time.

Note: Download and play Shrek Sugar Fever for Android for free. However, the game still contains some equipment that must be purchased with real money. If you do not like to use this feature, you can disable it in device settings. You can download the latest mod version of Shrek Sugar Fever for free at to unlock all features of the game.

Overall, Shrek Sugar Fever for Android is a very fun game. With bright graphics, familiar gameplay and easy playing, Shrek Sugar Fever for Android is sure to bring you very relaxable time.


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