Shootout 3D

Shootout 3D – simple and addictive gameplay

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Shootout 3D – simple and addictive gameplay

If you like shooting games but not too violent, the  Shootout 3D is a great suggestion. A perfect choice for gentle entertainment hours. Shootout 3D is a simple yet extremely interesting coordinates base shooter of Kwalee. There are no intense gunfights, no bloody battles or thrilling details, this game gives you extremely relaxing and fun battles.

The way of playing  Shootout 3D is very simple. You just need to swipe the screen left or right to adjust the direction of the character’s shot. However, the special point here is that not only your character but also the enemy is controlled according to your instructions. Your sophistication and class show in destroying all enemies without harming innocent people. Adjust the direction of the shot completed, touch the screen to shoot.

Shootout 3D

The mission is completed when destroying all enemies. If unfortunately the innocent people were shot by you, there’s no other way than to play again from the beginning. And you will not be able to pass a level if you don’t defeat the boss at the end of the level. Each boss boss appears in a strange and difficult-to-shoot position. But if you defeat them, you are the winner.

Join the Shootout 3D, you play a hero who has a superior shooting skill. Your mission is to destroy the criminals who are attacking civilians. The criminals are pretty cunning when they mix in ordinary people or hide behind barriers. That makes shooting difficult to kill them is difficult. I often see such scenes in action movies. Police cannot fire when criminals use civilians as barriers.

The bullets in the  Shootout 3D can bounce through barrier objects and find an unimaginable position. At that time, you will create unexpected projectiles with your amazing imagination.

Shootout 3D

Make full use of the advantages of objects such as barrels, wooden panels, mirrors in every difficult situation. Bullet lines towards obstacles will be known in advance. Therefore, you only need to calculate so that the ultimate goal is the enemy, not the innocent. Items to shield the enemy from accidentally killing them. Interesting!

Although simple but  Shootout 3D has many screens with increasing difficulty. You must destroy the enemy in many different ways. The most important is still to defeat with his own gun based on interesting ragdoll physics platform. However, you will also discover many other ways. By controlling the enemy’s gun, you can completely control the enemy’s gun to finish them off. The only purpose is to defeat them and not to harm civilians

In addition, defeating enemies will be quick and thorough with wide-area damage weapons. Using a gun close to the cone damage makes it easy to take down a group of enemies. It was a good idea to shoot at the gas tank between the crowd. Just a little creative, you can do anything.

The Shootout 3D has a simple, gently designed graphic. Of course, it is optimized for games that are only 46Mb of memory. However, not so that the game is less attractive. In contrast, simplicity brings unprecedented new experiences. The characters are designed to include funny stickman on a white background. You and good people need to protect green, pink and black crime.

Shootout 3D

The game appears quite a lot of ads, but with a free game but extremely attractive, this does not affect your experience much. You can disconnect from the internet to not see ads during play.

Shootout 3D is a shooting game with new and unique gameplay. The game is suitable for everyone, you can play at recess and stress relief. Rescue innocent people, lead and become heroes.

Shootout 3D features:

– Simple and addictive gameplay

– Crazy ragdoll physics

– Simple and colorful art style

– Increasingly challenging levels


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