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For smartphones running Android 6.0 like Cool pad Roar Plus, when you set up your external memory card as your primary memory, you will ask how to transfer media data or downloaded files to your computer. The most common and traditional way to transfer data, or to send simple files between mobile devices, is to use Bluetooth or to use a cord to connect your phone to your computer. The process takes a lot of time, many types of tools that converted files when using Bluetooth is not much, or have to wait hours if your file size just tens of MB up, affecting the work of the user. So why not go to the ShareIt software to simplify every step of data conversion, reduce the operation of the file sharing process.

SHAREit – Transfer & Share is an application that can meet this requirement without the need to unplug the external memory (removable attached to the reader, the computer cannot read encrypted format ext4).

So what is Shareit doing? Here are some tips for using Shareit to transfer your data.

What is ShareIt for Android?

SHAREIT is a mobile file transfer utility that everyone needs: SHAREIT (APK download) allows them to instantly share pictures, videos, music, documents, contacts and even applications on their device with the other device or device group. By utilizing wireless communication between devices, this useful application eliminates the cumbersome and time-consuming cable connection. In addition, file sharing does not even require a Bluetooth connection, a telephone network, or a Wi-Fi network around. The user simply connects the devices directly using the Wi-fi network of the device, so there will be no network charge. ShareIt not only works well with Lenovo’s smartphones and tablets but also talks to IOS devices and even Windows PCs.

Especially, users can quickly share video clips of a party, album or photo with up to 5 friends at the same time. Even large files or videos are shared in tens of seconds at speeds up to 40 times faster than Bluetooth. Devices that have ShareIt installed in the machine can automatically see each other within the allowed range, and users can also share ShareIt applications to each other to start sharing other files instantaneously.

How to download Shareit APK latest version for Android?

  • Step 1. Turn on the feature that allows you to install applications from unknown sources on your phone using the following steps: Go to Settings → Security → Unknown sources → select OK.
  • Step 2: Download the latest version of Shareit.apk file that we provided below, save it to your phone.
  • Step 3: Access File Manager and browse to the downloaded file, click install application
  • Step 4: Wait for the installation to complete, you will now see a Shareit application icon that appears on the App Draw of your phone.
  • Step 5: All done! You can now open the app and start using it

User Guide for ShareIt application

The application provides a simple and intuitive interface that users can use to drag and drop, copy and paste to add files to software submissions. You have to keep in mind that if you want to transfer data successfully, the connected devices are set to ShareIt and should be close enough. Compared to other sharing software like Mobiledit, ShareIt’s speed of sharing is much faster. If you frequently have to convert data between devices due to work requirements then this is definitely the software that you need.

Here is a step-by-step guide to performing a file-sharing operation using the SHAREit app:

Step 1: Click the SHAREIT icon

Step 2: There are two cases encountered, if the machine needs to send a file, song or a picture here select send the receiver will select “Receive”.

SHAREIT is looking for the receiver, just touch the icon of the person to send is “Finish”.

Step 3: The device receives the newly received file.

It also has History to show what files you have sent at what time and to what device name! Moreover, the ability to share files at a higher level as a group of friends.

So in just 3 simple and short steps, ShareIt’s face-to-face ratio is now available to all smartphones and tablets.

Key features of the app:

  • Easy share the file among phone devices – PCs and tablets.
  • File transfer speeds up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth.
  • Supports to share many types of files: images, videos, music, documents, videos, installed applications.
  • Simple interface.
  • Allows to receive shared files from the device
  • Choose your own avatar and display name when sharing to other devices.
  • Allows connection to the computer for sharing (Requires computer has been installed ShareIt).
  • The CLONEIT button allows you to transfer applications, contacts, SMS, pictures from your source device to your destination device with zero capacity.
  • When the phonebook, SMS … is entered exceeds the storage limit on the device memory, the system will merge the data on the two devices and then store the latest data.
  • After the file is shared, the files are automatically saved to the recipient, as the contacts are saved in the Contacts list. Particularly music, video … will be saved together with the path common to the sender. They can be played using the corresponding music player software.
  • CLONEIt is a shared utility that does not require the network connection, so user’s personal information will not be stored on any network.
  • Two-way sharing is easy.
  • Discover and send requests for game sharing as well as applications on the recipient’s device.
  • Web sharing allows users to send data to users who are not members of ShareIt.
  • Optimize page selection.
  • Cleans up smart memory and deletes junk files at all times.

With ShareIt APK latest version, you can do more than just send and receive data. There is one feature that we would love to experience is connecting to your PC (here’s a laptop because the desktop does not have a Wi-Fi connection, which helps ShareIt running).

  1. To do so, go back to the Main Page of ShareIt> Connect to computer> Click on the computer you want and then wait until the connection is complete.
  2. On your computer, Start ShareIt> Connect to Android device> Accept the connection request.

Once successfully connected, let’s start exploring which features are supported!

Part 1: PowerPoint presentation support

This feature allows you to move around, no need to sit next to your laptop when presenting and even replace Bluetooth or wireless mouse to control the slideshow.

Second: Remote computer access.

Just open your phone and laptop and start the application, within the limits of Wi-Fi, you can access it to view your laptop files with ease.

Third: Screen photo on Laptop screen

This feature is very familiar and has appeared on many applications, so that we can see the image on a larger screen and when we want to share for many people to see.

Finally: Synchronize your camera folder

Actually, this feature is equivalent to sending and receiving files, only one thing is that we do not need to select the picture. Just click the application that automatically syncs all the files in the camera folder to the laptop’s memory.


ShareIt software for Android creates fast data conversion space between mobile devices and computers. User-friendly interface, simple to use and save quite a bit of time and user. ShareIt will become a powerful tool for sharing your data among multiple storage devices.



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