Shadow Bug Rush

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Shadow Bug Rush MOD APK is a killer monster action game from the publisher of Muro Studios on the Google Play app store for Android platform. Game Shadow Bug Rush for Android will bring us to a world of dark magic to be embodied hero heroic brave. Go through the jungle with all the trappings and mobs that are extremely dangerous to perform missions and find mysterious answers. Download Shadow Bug Rush mod to start the adventure with the superhero Bug to see the impressive mixture of two seemingly irrelevant games that make up an attractive gameplay of Badland and Fruit Ninja.

Key features:

  • The 37 levels are hand-crafted, full of action, adventure and puzzle solving.
  • Fight with powerful bosses.
  • Graphic art is wonderful with the dark and mysterious.
  • Classic sound effects.
  • Put yourself in the rankings to experience speed challenge levels.

If other games are based on colorful 3D graphics to attract gamers, then Shadow Bug Rush Mod APK is the exact opposite. Entering the game, the first impression of the player is a screen filled with mysterious darkness. All the main characters, enemies, dangerous obstacles are all absolute black on a light colored background. In addition, gameplay is the touch and finger gestures on the screen to create a sharp cut to save the enemy. It is the combination that creates the familiar and strange, making a unique and addictive playground.

Shadow Bug Rush mod apk has a graphic scene, and the character will walk in the familiar left-to-right direction. The protagonist in the game is a superficial machine-bug but possesses the powerful ninja skills, the ability to use samurai swords and other weapons.

In the game, players will have to take the character through all 37 different levels, making the mission to prevent a factory from destroying the forest. The environment in the game moves seamlessly with images such as slurry draining green fluids to spooky plants, industrial parks equipped with all sorts of iron chainsaws, gears …

Shadow Bug Rush has a simple control mechanism that allows players to experience the game with one hand easily. To deal with the enemies while avoiding obstacles, players just click on the screen to jump up and attack. Besides, you can swipe your hand at the enemy to cut them into two pieces with the sharp samurai sword, using heavy artillery or tanks.

In the game, besides countless enemies have to deal, players also have to fight dangerous bosses. Try to kill as many enemies as possible and gain high rankings. The game is available for download to players for $ 3.99 USD and does not contain purchase and advertising packages.


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