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Gumi, the Japanese game developer, which is well-known for Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius for Mobile. They have just announced the launch of its latest mobile project, Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest. It is free for Android and iOS. Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest APK will feature four familiar characters from the series fans from the beginning. They include Warrior, Archer, Cleric, Sorceress.

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The game brings new story for players to enter the world of Serencia in the role of a knight – “Knight of the Seal Dragon” and deal with The harshness set by a goddess. In particular, Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest can be experienced with landscape or vertical screen mode according to the player’s preferences, and can be switched at any time! Similar Light of Aiaran Mod, in Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest, the gameplay is focused on the exploration of dungeons. However, the most important point is that the game allows you to destroy certain parts on the boss’s body.
Of course, to experience the great bosses, there is no shortage of cooperation ability with friends, allowing four people to participate in a clan.
Similar to the PC version, Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest will feature tons of weapons, armor, and costumes created by players or through missions rewards.

Main features of the game:

  • The mobile version of Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest series with all the best features
  • The plot of the game is very interesting and addictive gameplay.
  • Graphics have been rebuilt, more impressive.
  • A lot of different missions, fight the epic bosses.
  • 4 different character classes, tons of unique weapons
  • And much more…

More information about Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest:

Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest has the voice of the stars dubbing. They are Yūki Kaji (Eren in Attack on Titan) is voiced for Warrior; Kana Asumi (Popura in Working !!) is voiced for Archer; Daisuke Namikawa (Jellal in Fairy Tail) is voiced for Cleric; Ami Koshimizu (by Ryuko in Kill La Kill) is voiced for Sorceress.
Popular J-Pop singer, Koda Kumi will be performing the theme song for the game, LIT!


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