Sengoku Asura

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Sengoku Asura is an Action RPG for mobile, developed by Sumzap Studio, which can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS platforms.

Sengoku Asura APK download (English) for Android

The game background brings you to Japan during the Sengoku period, where the endless civil war took place. Players will become the Sengoku Warriors to bring peace to the land. The gameplay of Sengoku Asura is very simple. You can control a team of 3 heroes involved in the battle. Each hero will have different strength and skill. All the operations in the game become minimalist that the player can only use a finger to touch and control their characters, as well as command the heroes to perform the skill.

There are three basic weapons that players can choose from in the game: katana, bow and spear. Each of which will have specific characteristics and skills that are compatible with each hero. Players can use Gold and gem collected after each battle to upgrade the weapons of the Heroes. At the certain level, weapons will have different skills.
The graphics of Sengoku Asura make you easily think of the other RPGs from Japan, which is designed detailed and colorful. The characters are created in the familiar Manga style, with different skills and costumes. In particular, the game’s terrain is linked together by terrain types such as volcanoes, forests or steppes. Another feature is that it is designed as the vertical screen, which allows players to control the characters easily, and to gain a better view of the battle.

Key features of the game:

  • A vertical screen action RPG comes from Japan
  • Become a strong warrior in the Sengoku world
  • Control your character with one finger
  • Upgrade – Unlock new Heroes
  • Diverse task system, attractive boss mode
  • Various game modes
  • 2.5D multi-color graphics.
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